Free targeted FLEX cars to facilitate their relocation

During recent snow removal operations, you may have noticed the new navy icon with a snowflake (see below). From now on, this icon will also appear periodically on certain FLEX vehicles, even outside of snow clearing periods, in order to maximize the chances of them being moved. 

How it works 

The free period that will apply to targeted free vehicles will always be the same: 

from 3pm to 10am the next day. 

As this promotion applies to a limited quantity of vehicles, we invite you to check your app from 3 p.m.

As is usually the case, the free use is a credit on time: the usual pricing will continue to apply over the entire distance traveled (100 km included /trip, $0.20 /additional km). 

How to spot them 

To find the free FLEX cars, look for the navy snowflake icon in your Communauto app. 

Unlike larger snow removal operations (when all FLEX are offered free of charge), when partially free, the vehicle will no longer display the navy icon when you release it. A communication will not be systematically sent either. It’s up to you to check the app to locate a free FLEX!
The Communauto Team
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