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There’s no doubt that spring is here, but there’s something new happening this year: its not the end of free FLEX periods!

After a few tries, we realized that offering targeted spontaneous free periods was an excellent way to promote vehicle relocation in certain situations. This is the case with tire changes. This seasonal task means that too many vehicles accumulate around our various garages.

We will therefore continue to offer spontaneous free periods in order to facilitate the relocation of certain FLEX vehicles. Here is a reminder to make the most of it:

How does it work?

The free period that applies to targeted FLEX vehicles is always the same, namely:
from 4pm that day to 10am the next day.

As this promotion applies to a limited amount of vehicles, we encourage you to check your app starting at 4pm. It often happens that free vehicles are added afterwards but we do our best to display the maximum around 4pm.

The free period constitutes a credit on time: the usual pricing continues to apply to the distance traveled (100 km included per trip, $0.20 per additional km).

How to spot them?

To find the free FLEX vehicles, look for the navy blue snowflake icon in your Communauto app.
Please note: the vehicle will no longer display the free icon when you release it after moving it. An email is not systematically sent either, so it's up to you to check the app to locate a free FLEX!
The Communauto Team
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