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Members who have been with us for a long time know that our offer is always evolving, and we take advantage of the opportunity to annually review our prices - sometimes to adjust our revenues to the evolution of costs, sometimes to improve our positioning in the market, or better, as we did last year, sometimes to improve the positioning of our various packages in relation to each other. 

The changes coming in 2021, in addition to meeting the objectives set out above, will allow us to simplify our offer. See for yourself! 

These changes will be effective as of April 1, 2021. 

Simplifying our offer! 

Two policy changes fall into this category. 

Elimination of the obligation to select the Long Distance rate option (or to request it when booking by phone) in order to access it 

It will now be easier than ever to drive at the best price. Depending on the number of kilometers you have driven, the lowest price between the regular rate of your plan, or the price calculated at the cost of the Long Distance rate, will be automatically applied. 

Remember that the Long Distance rate gives you access to extremely advantageous flat rates if you use a vehicle for several days, or even a week (drive for as little as $149.75/week), and that it allows you to take advantage of per kilometer rates lower than what you would normally be billed at the regular rate of your plan. Learn more> 

This rate is reserved for members of the Value plans, and is only accessible when you use a round-trip vehicle (not applicable if you are using a FLEX vehicle). 

While waiting for the next mobile app update, you will still see the “Long Distance” option (even after April 1) but it will no longer be necessary to select it, unless you are starting a Long Distance trip before the end of March. 

Retirement of the early return credit (C20) 

Currently, when you bring a vehicle back to its station earlier than expected and take the trouble to “release” the vehicle in the app (or your online account), you get a 20% credit on unused billable time. This credit will no longer be applied as of April 1. 

The economic benefit of this policy has always been minimal, and since the shortened time is mostly applied to non-billable minutes, it generates more questions than benefits. So we decided to opt for simplicity! 

However, you can still shorten your multi-day trips without cancellation fees beyond the first day (trips of 24 hours or more). 

For more on this, see: How do I release a car if I’m done using it earlier than expected? 

Reduction in price of the Workday rate 
If you are a member of the Value Extra plan and already know our Workday rate, you will be happy to learn that we are lowering the cost of additional kilometers (over 40 km) to 24¢/km from 45¢/km.
Learn more about the Workday rate: Learn more >  

Price adjustment for the FLEX Unlimited Pass 

Did you know that regardless of your plan, it’s possible to take advantage of a FLEX pass by using a vehicle only a few times per month?

Despite the price changes it has experienced, the FLEX Unlimited Pass remains an exceptionally advantageous product and we are very proud to have invented it!

Here are the new prices that will come into effect for FLEX passes starting on April 1, 2021, as well as an indication of the number of 30-minute trips you would need to take to make your purchase profitable:
Members who have ordered in advance one or more passes starting on April 1 or later will see the price of their pass(es) adjusted according to this new grid by the time the pass is billed. 

Need to know more about FLEX Unlimited passes? 

Remember that a FLEX Unlimited pass allows its holders to make an unlimited number of trips of 30 minutes or less for free for a whole month (trips only become billable as of the 31st minute). Learn more> 

You can purchase a FLEX Unlimited Pass at any time during the month by logging into your account. You can also cancel a pass ordered in advance at any time, provided that its start date/time has not passed. 

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.  
The Communauto Team
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