Technical issue and update scheduled this evening

A technical problem is currently causing an outage of our email servers. This prevents the use of options like: end of trip confirmation, reservation confirmation or modification and password reset.

Access to vehicles is not affected by this problem. However, a system update will result in a service interruption tonight for a period of up to 20 minutes between 9pm and 10pm.

Impact on FLEX vehicles

Starting a trip:
During this period of (at most) 20 minutes, it will not be possible to start a trip.

Ending a trip:
During this period, it will not be possible to end a trip with the mobile app. However, if you used a key fob to access the vehicle before the start of the service interruption, you will be able to complete your trip during the update. It is therefore strongly recommended to use your key fob or your OPUS card (or your Multi card in Gatineau) to access your vehicle if you plan to start a short trip during this period to avoid being affected when ending it.

If you still used the app to access a vehicle, here is how to end your trip even though you won't be able to use the app to do so:

  • if your vehicle starts with a key, use the door buttons to lock the doors, your trip will end automatically after 3 minutes (you do not have to wait until the 3 minutes have elapsed before leaving the vehicle);
  • if your vehicle is equipped with a push-button start, close the doors and wait 3 minutes for the automatic locking mechanism to engage (this will simultaneously release the vehicle).

At all times, it is important to ensure that the doors are properly locked before leaving the vehicle.

Impact on round-trip vehicles

Starting a trip:
During this period of (at most) 20 minutes, it will be possible to start a trip provided you have made your reservation at least 30 minutes before 9pm and if you use a fob key 
or your OPUS card (or your Multi card in Gatineau) to access the vehicle.

Ending a trip:
The instructions here are the same as those that apply when using a FLEX vehicle (see above), with the difference that once the update is complete, it will still be necessary to click on "Release" to shorten your reservation if you return the vehicle before the end of the initial period you had reserved. Learn more.

General considerations

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this situation. These updates are necessary to allow our systems to evolve and/or function correctly.

The Communauto Team
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