More and more cars

Despite all the delivery delays we experienced with the vehicles we wanted to add to our fleet for the summer, we passed the milestone of 600 put into service. We are now at 70% of the target we had set for Quebec, or about 870 additions. And it's not over! We will keep adding more over the next few weeks, which should further improve vehicle availability, especially on weekends.

More cars mean more stations

During the summer, our teams worked hard to find spots to accommodate these new vehicles, about half of which were placed in stations and the other in the FLEX service. Since March, more than 25 stations have been added, which allows us to densify our network, which helps bring vehicles closer to you!

Here are the latest additions in the Montreal area:

  • 671 - Station Monk (Ville-Émard)
  • 672 - Duchesneau et Pierre-de-Coubertin (Mercier)
  • 673 - Côtes-des-Neiges et Linton (Côtes-des-Neiges)
  • 674 - Collège de Rosemont (Rosemont)
  • 675 - Notre-Dame O. et Charlevoix (Petite Bourgogne)
  • 676 - La Fayette et du Coteau-Rouge (Longueuil)
  • 677 - Métro St-Laurent (Ville-Marie)

And more and more models (and colours)

From the Kona to the hybrid Niro to the Venue (model in the image below), round-trip fleet has evolved. We are pleased to offer you more spacious cars to bring you more options and more comfort for your outings with family or friends.

Toyota Corollas have also been added to our FLEX offer, ideal for your spontaneous trips!

Our back-to-school tips

1. Always keep the key during temporary stops

More car models are equipped with a push-button start. Yes, it's practical, but the risk is to forget to remove the key from its holder in the glove box. We cannot repeat it enough: it is essential to keep the key with you during temporary stops at the risk of finding yourself trapped outside the vehicle. Learn more >

2. Go ahead, change your mind... but not just anytime!

At Communauto, we have always loved flexibility. We understand that your plans may change. This is why we allow you to cancel or shorten your reservations without penalties up to 2 hours before, or before 9am if your reservation starts earlier. On the other hand, it is not possible to shift the start time of a reservation yourself, to shorten it or to cancel it, once the start date/time of your reservation has passed. To do this, you must call us.
What's more, it's the original start date/time of your reservation (or the earliest in time) that is taken into account here, otherwise it would be easy to circumvent our already very permissive reservation modification policy by first shifting the start dates/times of the trip to then shorten it and thus avoiding the penalties.
This explains why it is sometimes impossible for you to make these modifications. You will always be allowed, however, to extend a current reservation yourself!
3. Ending your trip (and leaving with peace of mind)
Here are some tips if you ever have trouble freeing your vehicle at the end of a trip:

  • Are all the accessories present in the holder in the glove box?
  • Do you see a red indicator light? If so, an accessory is missing or incorrectly inserted.

Here's what should be in the holder when you end a trip: a card in each of the slots, as well as the insertable tip attached after the vehicle key. If everything is in place and it still doesn't work, close the doors and use the driver's door button to lock the doors. If your vehicle does not allow this (this is the case with most vehicles equipped with a push-button start), close the doors and wait 3 minutes for the automatic locking system to engage.
You are responsible for the safety of the vehicles you use. Whatever happens, never walk away from a vehicle without making sure the doors are locked.

Good habits

Here are some reminders:

  • At the end of the trip, never return a vehicle with the gas tank less than a quarter full! Just a matter of courtesy...
  • Don't forget to collect all your personal effects, but also your waste if necessary.
  • Do not hesitate to use our report form (also available via the app) to notify us of damage or uncleanliness.

Ready for new challenges?

If you want to bring your added value to a fast-growing company with a social, environmental, and urban vocation, you may find what you are looking for with us!

We are currently recruiting:

  • fleet agents (Quebec and Montreal)
  • material resources operations agent (Montreal)
  • mechanics and two service attendants for Communauto’s very first maintenance centre (Montreal)
  • an IT business analyst (Montreal)
  • quality assurance testers (Montreal)
  • customer service agents.

To find out more about our job opportunities, go to our Careers page.

Here's what you might get:
Referral bonus: $1000.00 in Communauto usage credit. The amount will be credited to your account after a 3-month probationary period.

Join us for a photoshoot!

With fall at our doors, we want to take advantage of the change of season to organize a photoshoot. We are looking for models in the Montreal area; here are the profiles we are looking for:

  • Families with young children
  • Couples or friends, 25 years and over

If you are interested and available the weekend of October 15-16, send us your photos or your portfolio to In exchange, you will receive Communauto usage credits, and a great time!

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