Hi there!

We are happy to offer you a preview of the new Communauto mobile app. This new version’s interface is more intuitive and modern, all while allowing us to lay the groundwork for the addition of new features. 

Why become a beta tester?

Before replacing the current mobile app with the new one, we want to make sure that all the features that have been integrated work properly and that the changes made are useful to you. Your contribution will help us identify potential issues, make the necessary corrections and take advantage of your comments to improve the user experience.

Are you in?

To participate in this beta test, all you need is an iOS or Android device, and then follow the instructions below to install the new version of the app. Just enter your usual information (email or member number and password) to connect.

For Android users: use this link to access the beta test and download the app from the Play Store. If you see an error message, your Google account email address associated with your phone is different from the email address used for this message. Please reply to provide us with the email address associated with your device.

For iOS users: use this link to access the beta test. You will need to install the TestFlight mobile app which is required to download the beta app. From TestFlight, you will have access to new mobile app updates. 

In case of issues during the test period 

For the duration of the tests, we recommend that you keep the old Communauto app. That way, if you have a problem with the new app, you can still use the current one if need be.

Any problems can be reported to us at to allow us to correct it. Please send your comments, suggestions, or questions through that email as well.

Only a small number of users have received this invitation and you are one of them. We thank you in advance for your help with this project as a beta tester. We look forward to hearing from you!

The Communauto Team
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