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DVD Now Available  - "Contract Hotels Djangan Loepah” (Do Not Forget)

Documentary from Holland with English subtitles


  • What happened when Indos first arrived in Holland from Indonesia
  • What was it like to speak the same language but treated as foreigners 
  • What was it like to have the same citizenship but treated as aliens   
  • Why did the booklet Djangan Loepah create such a stir 
Find out in this compelling documentary and learn of their journey.


Help preserve our Indo heritage.  Share with the next generations.

The Indo Project has a limited amount of DVD's available for distribution.  With your donation of $25 you will receive this moving documentary and help support The Indo Project mission. Proceeds directly support the work of The Indo Project.


Why should you have this film in your home library?  

  • This documentary is evidence of the hardships endured after massive evacuation from the Dutch East Indies.
  • This documentary presents an opportunity to teach the younger generations about their Indo heritage and what their parents and grandparents experienced.  
  • Excellent gift for anyone interested in this part of history.
  • Easy to use.  This is an NTSC version with English subtitles.  Just pop into DVD player rather than having to find a player that will play the PAL version

This particular version contains extra footage about the production itself and includes the booklet Djangan Loepah in Dutch.


Description of the Booklet Djagang Loepeh:

The producers of the documentary titled the film after an instructional booklet written by the Dutch government.  This booklet titled Do Not Forget (Djagang Loepah) was a clumsy attempt by the Dutch government to orient and train the new repatriates to Dutch society and learn their ways.


The irony of course is that the new arrivals were already fully educated in the Dutch school system and spoke perfect Dutch, amongst many other languages.  The difference was that they came from the tropics and some happen to have darker skin.  Naturally, this manual to living in Dutch society was insulting, patronizing and eventually became a source of amusement more than fifty years later.  It was not amusing at the time being in a state of complete displacement.  


This booklet and documentary is testimony to the remarkable fortitude of the Indo people.  It is a treasure to add to your collection.


See Documentary Trailer on YouTube: 


Payment Instructions


From Canada and USA:

Check or money order in amount of $25 US payable to The Indo Project

Mail To:

The Indo Project

914 164th St SE

Suite B12-214

Mill Creek, WA 98012


Outside Canada and USA contact:


Hetty Naaijkens-Retel Helmrich


Please share with your family and friends.

Thank you for your continued support and interest.  
From The Indo Project Team

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