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//  21 December 2016

//  In brief__

//  Platform Annual General Assembly, 1-2 February 2017, Brussels

Agenda 2030 put into practice: what future for rural development?

//  Climate Finance for Agriculture – are we ready?

Platform Side-event in Marrakesh at COP22

//  Youth and Agriculture, what should donors know?

Online discussion

//  Publications and strategies

Some recent publications from Platform members and partners

//  About

Changes in the Platform budget group


//  Platform Annual General Assembly, 1-2 February 2017, Brussels

Donor Platform logoEvent__ The complexity of rural transformation leaves development partners uncertain about the necessary new design of development cooperation in line with Agenda 2030. As such, the upcoming Annual General Assembly hosted by the European Commission is titled: "Agenda 2030 put into practice: what future for rural development?"

To help us in these inquiries we will take ourselves to the future and look back at the ways our work might have transpired. Looking back from the year 2030, the 2017 AGA will take a closer look at where rural transformation might be a decade from now and what role agriculture will play considering the SDGs, the growing changes in Official Development Assistance (ODA), the challenges of climate change impact and the fact that millions of low-income people in rural and urban areas are still highly food insecure. The AGA will take place at the Renaissance Brussels Hotel, Rue du Parnasse 19, 1050 Bruxelles, Belgium on 1 – 2 February, 2017.

Draft agenda and concept note  Web link

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//  Climate Finance for Agriculture – are we ready?

COP22 logoCOP22__ Platform members France (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development), FAO, IFAD, European Commission and the Global Donor Platform for Rural Development secretariat organised a side event in Marrakesh in cooperation with ECOWAS, presenting different strategies to increase climate finance available for agriculture. With a marginal outcome on agricultural development, the COP22 brought nonetheless new momentum to the call for inclusion of agriculture into the negotiations.

The work of the Platform and its partners on climate finance for agriculture will move into a new phase in 2017 based on the clear messages of developing countries deriving from the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC). The side event in Marrakesh framed the next steps in achieving the necessary mainstreaming of climate resilience into the regular portfolios as IFAD and the European Commission presented. The lack of overall capacity and the necessary institutional readiness of developing countries to attract climate finance was addressed by FAO and France and ECOWAS analysed the policy processes of matching international climate finance with the needs of developing countries in the light of Agenda 2030. More details on the work programme of the Platform and new partnerships to be published in early 2017.

Agriculture and Marrakech   Web link

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//  Youth and Agriculture, what should donors know?

Donor Platform logoOnline discussion__ Youth unemployment is a critical challenge in developing nations. Within rural areas, the participation of youth in agriculture is declining due to the increased number of young people moving to seek opportunities in the cities. Few young people envision their future in agriculture and in rural areas, partly because farming has an undesirable image of laborious work and poor returns.

A successful agenda 2030 will have to find a solution to the declining participation of youth in agriculture not only for the sake of a food secure future, but also for the reduction of extreme poverty. With this realisation, the development community has begun to prioritise youth in their agendas, recognising the myriad of issues that must be addressed. The Platform invited 3 presenters experienced with youth innovation networks, agricultural social enterprise and technology for agriculture in different parts of the world, to a discussion titled “Youth and agriculture, what should donors know?”

Online discussion  camera icon  Listen

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//  Members and partners publications

Rural 21The November issue of Rural 21 on “Trade and Development” was developed in collaboration with the Platform secretariat and members of the Trade for ARD work stream, among others.

Read November Issue   Web link


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//  About

The Platform Budget Group has gained a new member: Marie Paviot of France-MFA has joined DFID (Iris Krebber) and Finland-MFA (Marjaana Pekkola) as of December 2016 so that the group is now three Platform members strong, supported by the Platform Secretariat.

The key functions of the Budget Group include:

  • Analyse and comment on budget execution with the focus on whether the funds have been used as planned based on the Platform annual work plan.
  • Analyse and comment on the budget for the new calendar year and how it corresponds to the annual work plan. Propose any recommendations and adjustments required for the budget.

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