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//  10 March 2016

//  In brief__

//  Four land studies released by the Platform

Improving global land governance with technologies, partnerships and donor coherence

//  In touch with tomorrow - Platform's Strategic Plan 2016-2020

Championing the transformation of agriculture, food systems and rural livelihoods

//  Agricultural trade and rural development: Duet or solo playing?

Increasing the positive impacts of trade on rural development

//  Publications and events

Some recent publications and events from Platform members and partners


//  Four land studies are released by the Platform

 Evelyn Nguleka Working Group on Land__ The Donor Platform released four studies on the latest developments in open data technologies, donor coherence and partnerships with multiple stakeholders and with the private sector as leverage points for donors to help improve land governance worldwide. Policy-oriented research is often scattered across disciplines and not always readily accessible to donor organisations, policymakers or development practitioners. In order to bridge this gap, the Donor Platform’s Working Group on Land commissioned studies to examine the current knowledge base available in four different yet highly interlinked areas: technologies, multistakeholder partnerships, policy coherence and private sector engagement. They prepare the ground work to guide donors in prioritising activities and investments in land governance.

The Land group will present the studies at the World Bank conference on land and poverty, on 17th March.

  Web link  Download studies here
  Web link  Land Event

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//  In touch with tomorrow - Platform's Strategic Plan 2016-2020

  Platform logo  Platform Strategy__ Championing the transformation of agriculture, food systems  and rural livelihoods constitutes the focus of  the Global Donor  Platform  for Rural  Development's Strategic Plan  2016 – 2020. The SDGs and their targets as well as  the global agreement on Finance for Development change the role and impact of  donor agencies. The Platform has therefore chosen its Strategic Initiative Agenda  2030 to be the overarching approach to a broader transformation agenda making the potentials of the SDGs available for the rural space.

Strategic and thematic work streams will contribute to this transformation agenda through effective donor support to land governance, trade and market access, agricultural finance, climate change finance and other thematic work which the Platform is and will be undertaking.

 Web link  View Strategic Plan 

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//  Agricultural trade and rural development: Duet or solo playing?

 Platform logo Event__ World Farmers Organization’s (WFO’s) President, Dr. Evelyn Nguleka delivered the keynote speech at the Platform’s Annual General Assembly (AGA). She emphasized that trade cannot be isolated from what farmers do - because behind our industries, the clothes on our bodies and the food on our tables - is a farmer. On behalf of the WFO, she reiterated the willingness to cooperating with donors to ensure that farming can turn into a lucrative activity through interventions such as supporting cooperatives and fair farm gate prices. Without this, she warned that food systems would be compromised and rural youth would continue to abandon farming activities in search of better opportunities in the city.

Following the speech the participants discussed the issue of policy coherence in trade an ARD from different perspectives to finally look into the most important conditions to successful up scaling of trade for ARD activities. Based on the AGA outcomes the Platform is currently developing a work plan on the linked topics of inclusive agribusiness and trade in agriculture within the broader framework of Agenda2030.

 Web link  View AGA Outcomes
  Download  AGA Day1 report and AGA Day2 report
 Web link  AGA Pre-event

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//  Publications and Events

Mycotoxin control in low- and middle-income countries__ The WHO convened a Working Group to review the evidence base on the impacts aflatoxin exposure has on health. The report offers an overview of several interventions, correlations between exposure and stunting, mortality and morbidity, but also on gaps in knowledge and research.

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