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AGA Brussels

//  1–2  February 2017

//  In brief__

//  Platform AGA and High-Level Forum on Rural Transformation

What will rural spaces look like in a decade’s time?

//  Introducing Steve Waddell, the AGA keynote speaker

A futurist outlook of Agenda of 2030

//  Launch of the brand new Donor Platform website

A first look at the exciting changes

//  Useful documents on rural transformation

Some background reading in preparation for the AGA


//  Platform AGA and High-Level Forum on Rural Transformation

Donor Platform logoThe 2017 Platform Annual General Assembly (AGA) will be hosted by the European Commission on 1 – 2 February in Brussels at the Renaissance Hotel, Rue du Parnasse 19, 1050.

Under the theme “Agenda 2030 put into practice: what future for rural development?”, the AGA will transport participants to the year 2030 and look back at the ways their work might have transpired to achieve a positive rural transformation, and what role agriculture will have played.

For the very first time, the Platform AGA will feature a high level forum where heads of programmes/departmental managers will politically and strategically orient the deliberations of donors/IFIs to support rural transformation. As usual, on the first day of the AGA, development partners, donors, civil society and private sector will offer views on how the rural space may look like in 2030 and what it takes to get there.

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Agenda  Download

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//  Introducing Steve Waddell, the AGA keynote speaker

Steve WaddellResponding to the 21st century’s enormous global challenges and realizing its unsurpassed opportunities require new ways of acting and organizing. For the past 30 years Steve has been supporting this with thought leadership, consultations, education, research, and personal leadership. For the last 10 years he’s focused largely on multi-stakeholder global change networks (Global Action Networks), complex change, and emerging trends that influence our future potential.

Clients, funders, and project partners include the UN Global Compact, World Bank, Global Reporting Initiative, Ford Foundation, Humanity United, Civicus, International Youth Foundation, USAID, Gates Foundation, the Worldwide Initiative for Grantmakers Support, International Development and Research Centre, Forest Stewardship Council, and Boston College where he founded the executive management program Leadership for Change.

At the Platform AGA, Steve will give a futurist outlook on major trends that will influence the development agenda of 2030, including what expectations are realistic.

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//  Launch of the brand new Donor Platform website

Donor Platform logoIt is an exciting moment as the Platform reveals its new website, following an intense process of consultations with the co-chairs, a number of Platform members, and the secretariat staff.

The new website is user friendly and with modern design. It highlights the Platform’s expertise in advocacy and networking. It also offers Platform members, partners and friends an improved online experience while accessing and sharing strategic information. The new website will serve as knowledge and information base on food security, sustainable agriculture, rural development and their role in Agenda 2030. The launch, which was timed for release just before the upcoming AGA, accomplishes the agreed activity under the communications section of the Platform’s 2016 Work Plan.

Take a first look!  Web link

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//  Useful documents on rural transformation

Donor Platform logoRural transformation is defined as a process of change in rural areas which depends on many factors and dynamics not only economic, but also social, cultural, political and environmental.

A number of background documents have been placed on the Platform’s AGA page, offering some relevant reading in the lead up to the AGA.

Find the list of documents  Web link


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