Team Rubicon Literary Journal Opens for Submissions!
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Ladies and Gentlemen,

We have heard the suggestion that writing helps ease our burdens in life. We think it is time that we formalize that suggestion. A small team of Team Rubicon headquarters, regional, and state leaders has been brainstorming to this end for the last few months.

We have the infrastructure in place and are ready to receive your submissions. We want your photographs, reflections, poems, essays, short stories, etc. to be part of the first Team Rubicon Literary Journal. Yes, we know what you are thinking; “Holy moley I need to get writing ‘cause I want to be part of this!”. You would be right to think that.


Winter is often a time of reflection on what and who we have and do not have anymore. Studies indicate that writing about feelings, worries, joys and comforts during these times can help the feelings of loneliness, loss, and worry. If you are comfortable we would love to read and publish these thoughts. If you write deep philosophical treatises, whimsical short stories, reflections on TR deployments or military tours of duty we would like to publish what you have and share it with the TR community.  

We welcome new material, or old writings that may not have seen the light of day since last Christmas. We would love to showcase them. The first publication will be one of many and we will accept writing that is both veteran and non-veteran focused.
The journal will accept submissions immediately.
Our first publication will be on Wordpress, after the New Year.

You can send your writing to:

  • for review and/or editing

  • for questions, concerns, or assistance

Our editors are NOT there to change your story or to be intimidating. The job of the editors is to make sure that your work is ready to be published. We will make suggestions based on grammar and conventions, not content. If there is something that is unclear, we will ask to clarify.
Bottom line, the editing of pieces increases quality, but nothing is changed without the writer’s consent.
Now, it is time to get out those ink bottles and quills, find your muse and start writing! We can’t wait to read your submissions and publish them!
One last thing folks, like many things in life there is a caveat. Our publishing tool is WordPress. What this means is our writings are in the public forum. While we as TR members share many of the same understandings through deployments and military history, many of those who will read our journal do not have the same background. Please be mindful of this as you consider submitting, and in your writing. Be authentic to yourself, but understand your writing will be available to the public.
If you prefer, you may request that your content be published anonymously or under another name.

With gratitude,
The Team Rubicon Literary Journal Team

"[Writing] will contain the truth about war as near we can come by will not replace experience. But it can prepare and supplement experience. It can serve as a corrective after experience." 
- Ernest Hemingway, World War I veteran; lifelong war correspondent


"We as veterans have the opportunity to be the new voice of a generation.  We are begged to remember the dead, put their memories into immortal thought. Through our writing, we can show a generation how we live.
Here is where I present my challenge to you.
I want you to share your fears, laughs, and tears. Educate and enlighten, provoke thought and meaningful discussion, or whatever motivates you to write.
Use it as an outlet for personal growth and therapy when you are upset, afraid, depressed or thrilled. Write it, put it into word and give it meaning.  
We are given the opportunity to become the new bards and story tellers of the world. In my own writing I have tried to capture ghosts from my own memory.
These memories are what binds us, and strangely enough, have the power to release us from our own mental bondage.
Use them." 
- Paul Warmbier, Iraq veteran, English teacher, Team Rubicon volunteer
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