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Resume / Portfolio Changes

I have changed and added several aspects of my resume and portfolio website...

  • My Entrepreneurship Club is being showcased to prospective students by the admissions at Woodberry.
  • I added an ethics bowl tournament contentions in the portfolio section of my portfolio website.
  • I added a portfolio item that covered my recent development in computational fluid dynamics.

Ethics Bowl Tournament

Hey, I did some work with my team showcasing some different philosophies and approaches that we had to respond to some hard questions begged in December of 2020 for an ethics bowl tournament. Unfortunately, we were only given 24 hours to prepare for this tournament, for it was a last-minute call to invite our school to this tournament... However I led my team (I was the JV coach as a sophomore at the time), and I believe that we came up with some rather solid arguments...

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Elbow CFD Simulation

Here is a computational fluid dynamics simulation I ran not too long ago... This was when I was simply learning the ins and outs of OpenFoam and in being so, this was just a preset simulation that I learned how to run... Nonetheless, it served as a great learning experience, and I think that it looks pretty cool...

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