E-Newsletter No. 92
December 2022
COP27 and Other News

In this Issue

COP 27

  • Between Burning Bush and Burning Planet by Paul Rahmat SVD

  • Catholic Actors at COP27 by Paul Rahmat SVD

  • Women at COP27: Bridging the Spiritual Divide by Paola Moggi CMS

  • The Role of Faiths at COP27 by Alberto Parise MCCJ

  • The African COP: Crises and Global Solutions by Alberto Parise MCCJ

  • Decolonize Climate Actions by Alberto Parise MCCJ

  • Loss and Damage: A Compromise with Lights and Shadows by Paola Moggi CMS

  • Sharm El-Sheikh Adaptation Agenda for Climate Resilience by Paul Rahmat SVD

Other News

  • Belgium: Human Rights Mechanism Workshop by Christian Robert CSSp

  • Spain: VIVAT Awareness-Raising and Orientation Workshop by VIVAT National Group, Spain

  • Italy: Welcome, Woman by Diane Clark-Lamey, Scalabrinian Foundation Volunteer

  • Geneva Office: Thank you, Andrzej, and Welcome, Kachi

COP 27 - 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference

Other News


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