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NAQC Membership Renewal for FY12

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Thank you to all NAQC members for their ongoing commitment to NAQC and the quitline community!

The Fiscal Year 2012 (July 1, 2011 - June 30, 2012) NAQC Membership Renewal Process has begun. For your convenience, we will be sending renewal invoices to all individual members and organizational contacts by the middle of March. There is no need to re-apply for membership. You can now renew your membership online using a credit card by clicking the “membership info” link under your member profile and then clicking on “securely renew your membership now” link. Membership dues can be paid with a check or a major credit card (Visa, MC, AMEX).
Renew your membership by May 31, 2011 and enter into a raffle to receive one free registration to the NAQC Conference in 2012!

NAQC highly values your membership. Our staff is here to help you easily and efficiently renew your membership. Please visit our membership page for more information about benefits to make sure you are maximizing your participation in our community.

Important Membership Information for FY 12!
-NAQC will be sending renewal invoices to all individual members and organizational contacts by March 15th
-Renew by May 31 and get a chance to win a free registration to the NAQC Conference in 2012
-Membership renewal process will close on July 1, 2011
-NAQC has added new materials to the membership page to assist members with their profile settings and different membership options
-NAQC did not increase the dues levels for FY 2012
-NAQC members receive a special discounted registration rate of $150 for NAQC Conference
Overview of Important Products and Initiatives in the Past Year!
Maximizing Reach:
NAQC supports two program activities in this area.
1. Benchmarking: Each year, NAQC ranks all quitlines on their reach and budgets using annual survey data. This work helps identify better practices for reach and investments in quitlines.
2. Case Studies: In an effort to improve the reach across all quitlines in North America, and as part of an overall focus on critical quality measures including quit rates and reach to specific populations, NAQC has developed a Web repository of case studies on states that have achieved a reach that is at least three times higher than the median reach of all state quitlines.
Policy Playbook Update
Significant changes have been made to the Policy Playbook, which focuses on promoting quitline services to smokers following the enactment of new smokefree laws or the implementation of tobacco tax increases. The strategies included in the Playbook help states maximize cessation attempts through the use of quitlines and suggests an ideal approach to accomplish this goal.

Medicaid Toolbox
The Medicaid Toolbox is a resource for quitline, cessation, health care and Medicaid professionals. It provides up-to-date information and innovative examples for understanding the current environment, expanding cessation benefits in the Medicaid program, and gaining reimbursement for quitline services to Medicaid members.

Sustainability Toolbox
Making the Case for Quitlines: A Toolbox for Communicating with the Media, Policy makers and the Public is designed to help quitlines better communicate the importance of their work with the media, policy makers and the public. The toolbox includes two new fact sheets and a repository of innovative materials developed by state quitlines.

New Quitline Map
NAQC has launched a redesigned quitline map of US and Canada in September 2010 and it has proven to be a great success! The new map allows states/provinces/territories gain full access of their profiles and make changes in real time as well as includes important on smoke-free laws, tobacco taxes, annual survey data, and referral systems. To learn more about the new features, please visit the map TA page.

Call Center Metrics Issue Paper and Technical Assistance Resources
This paper is designed to outline and define the most critical operational, service performance, and efficiency-related call center metrics for establishing and maintaining quitline quality. The purpose of this paper is to create a shared language for quitline stakeholders (callers, funders, and service providers), to understand common call center industry metrics and methodologies and how they apply to the unique operations and objectives of the quitline environment.

Assessing the Cost-Effectiveness of Quitlines Issue Paper
Performing cost-effectiveness analyses is an essential element of any quitline’s quality improvement process. This is especially true as budgetary constraints become more important to determining all aspects of service delivery. This issue paper aims to: 1. document the facts related to the cost of tobacco use; 2. provide an overview of methods currently used for cost-effectiveness analysis of quitlines; and 3. in general terms, describe approaches and considerations for conducting cost-effectiveness analysis on a specific quitline program.

If you have questions regarding renewal, billing, complimentary memberships or any other matters concerning your membership, please contact us at
We look forward to enhancing our existing products as well as working on exciting new initiatives in Fiscal Year 12!

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