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New Minimal Data Set Resources Now Available 

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In response to member inquiries and suggestions, and as part of an overall focus on critical tools for monitoring and evaluating quitlines, NAQC has been working on two resources related to its Minimal Data Set for Evaluating Quitlines (MDS). The MDS was most recently updated in December 2009 and since that time, NAQC has received many requests for a version of the MDS that is better suited for use in an online environment. This new version of the MDS has been specifically developed for the purpose of web-based data collection of telephone-based interventions.  At the same time, there has been a great deal of interest in the potential for quitlines to serve tobacco users with behavioral health issues (both mental and emotional health issues). Over the past several months, NAQC has developed a modified MDS for use in online intervention services, which is now available on the NAQC website, and is in the process of finalizing the optional screening questions for behavioral health issues.
Minimal Data Set – Modified for Online Use
During the summer of 2010, a workgroup of NAQC members and non-members was convened to consider how best to modify the 2009 MDS items to make them more suitable in an online environment. The resulting intake and follow-up questions are OPTIONAL and not required to be used by quitlines. In addition, they are intended to be used by quitlines as part of a process to enroll potential participants in a telephone counseling program, or to follow-up with participants of a telephone counseling program.
Each quitline should determine if online intake and/or follow-up will meet their needs and should consider using the MDS for Web questions only to the extent that they fit with quitline protocols and technological capacity. MDS for Web should be considered an option rather than a recommendation. Supporting materials on the MDS Web page include the intake and follow-up items (modified for online use), an Implementation Guidance Document (in both long form and an executive summary) and a comparison document that lays out the MDS for phone and MDS for web side-by-side for helping quitlines easily see exactly what the modifications were, and rationale for doing so.
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COMING SOON: Optional Screening Questions for Behavioral Health Issues
In partnership with the Behavioral Health Advisory Forum, NAQC is currently developing three optional questions to help quitlines assess for behavioral health issues (mental or emotional health issues).These will be optional questions, and it is not expected that any or all of them would be adopted by quitlines unless it meets the needs of each individual quitline. They will be presented as standardized questions so that if a quitline determines it is in its own best interest to adopt one or more of them, it can be reasonably assured that other quitlines also interested in adopting the questions will be using very similar, if not identical, language. To the extent possible these questions would be integrated into screening sections regarding other medical or chronic care conditions.

If you have any questions, please contact Mignonne Guy, Interim Director of Research, at mguy@naquitline.org.
NAQC Seeks Sample Agreements Between Researchers/Evaluators and Quitlines and Multi-Site Guidelines for Conducting Research!

The North American Quitline Consortium is working on a new initiative to provide tools and resource materials to quitlines in support of research. The goal is to create an online repository of information available to all NAQC members.
We are collecting sample research and data use agreements, both formal and informal, between quitlines and researchers/evaluators. We plan to provide sample language and identify important areas for discussion and inclusion in agreements to increase the likelihood of successful collaborations between researchers/evaluators and quitlines. 
In addition, NAQC is developing multi-site guidelines for conducting quitline-related research at more than one location simultaneously. The guideline would help to facilitate and support collaborations between researchers and quitline operators and mediate discussions focusing on quitline research on a larger scale than what can be accomplished with a single quitline. We are collecting sample guidelines from several fields of research, and will be tailoring them for quitline-specific research efforts.
We would like to collect samples of  research or data use agreements and multi-site guidelines from existing projects and organizations. If you have insight on items that you believe are important to have addressed in these types of agreements or would be willing to provide sample text or full agreements, please contact RaeAnne Davis at rdavis@naquitline.org

Research Conference Calls

This call series is targeted at NAQC members and non-members who have an interest in quitline-related research and evaluation. Meetings will serve as an informal forum to discuss current, upcoming, and potential quitline-related research. One of the primary functions is to facilitate communication and interaction between researchers, as well as to create and support connections between researchers and quitlines. 
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