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Dear Colleagues,

CDC’s Office on Smoking and Health is in the process of recruiting individuals to feature in their next national tobacco education campaign which will be similar to the Tips From Former Smokers Campaign that ran earlier this year. The campaign will feature real people who have suffered serious health conditions as a result of smoking or exposure to secondhand smoke.

If you or anyone you know feel that you would be a good candidate for the campaign, please contact CDC (Mimi Webb Miller, mwmcasting@yahoo.com, (310) 452 0863; Leslie Rhoades, allrhoadescasting@yahoo.com, (310) 968-6409). Please take a few minutes to review the recruitment flyer as well as qualifications below.

CDC is specifically seeking individuals:
  • Who have suffered a heart attack due to exposure to secondhand smoke (age 55 or younger)
  • Who have symptomatic COPD, including chronic bronchitis or emphysema (i.e., marked by restriction in activities or home oxygen), due to their own smoking (ages 30 through 50)
  • Who have diabetes (either Type I or Type II) and who’ve suffered health problems as a result of their continued smoking; this could include amputation of limbs, kidney failure, vision impairment, or blindness (age 55 or younger)
  • Who have had a serious  asthma attack triggered by exposure to secondhand smoke (ages 18 through 30)
  • Who have used proven strategies to successfully quit smoking (such as setting a quit date, working with their health care provider, removing ashtrays and cigarettes from their environment, or using an approved medication) and have a compelling story to tell us about how they quit (age 50 or younger)
In order to qualify, participants must have been tobacco-free for at least 6 months, be able to travel for filming in October 2012, and be willing to have a doctor sign a legal statement saying tobacco caused and/or contributed to their health condition. The compensation for participating in this campaign is $2,500 as well as paid travel expenses.

Linda A. Bailey, JD, MHS
President and CEO
North American Quitline Consortium
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