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North American Quitline Consortium
Dear Colleagues:
Over the past six months, the Board of Directors has been engaged in a process for revising NAQC  “Ends”. You may be wondering “What are “Ends”?” Well, according to the Board’s governance model (Carver Policy Governance model), Ends are the results that NAQC should strive to create for YOU and all of its members.
I would like to provide some background on NAQC’s current Ends, share the new Ends with you, and ask you to provide feedback on the Ends by May 27th. The Board would like to finalize the Ends at its next meeting on July 22nd. We will share the final Ends with you after the Board meeting.
Background on NAQC’s Current Ends
The current NAQC Ends were developed in 2009, based on CDC’s Best Practices report (2007).
The current Ends include:
  • Increasing reach of quitlines to 6% annually;
  • Increasing state/provincial investment in quitlines to $10.53 per smoker; and
  • Increasing the quality of quitlines so that:
    • Quit rates are 30% or better; and
    • Reach to priority populations is equal to the majority population (at 6% annually).
For additional information on the Ends, click here.
Experience has shown that the current Ends provide aspirational goals for the field but are largely beyond NAQC’s control. The Board plans to replace the current Ends with outcomes that are important to members, of great benefit to members and the quitline community, and within the control of NAQC (i.e., outcomes that are feasible for NAQC to achieve).
Although NAQC staff will continue to advocate for the three strategic goals for the field, measure progress toward those goals, and disseminate the findings to members and the public,   its members, the goals will no longer be considered Ends for the organization.
Proposed New Ends for NAQC
After considering the broad scope of activities that NAQC has undertaken to help advance the quitline community, the Board proposes the Ends shown below for NAQC:
Ends for NAQC
  1. Members will have the knowledge and skills they need to adapt quitlines in a rapidly changing environment.
    -Knowledge and skills may vary by type of member
    -Innovations will be important for adapting to the rapidly changing environment

  2. There will be strong support for quitlines among government agencies, voluntary organizations (i.e., civil society) and the private sector, resulting in effective services and increased consumer demand.
  3. Members will have a forum for networking, problem solving, and information exchange that is well utilized and influential.
  4. To ensure continuous quality improvement of quitlines:
    -Members will be aware of and adopt up-to-date quality standards developed and disseminated by NAQC to advance access to and effectiveness of quitlines.
    -NAQC will advance key strategies and important innovations at the national level.

  5. Members will use quitlines in ways that help address disparities and reach priority populations.
  6. Members will contribute to and benefit from the partnerships that NAQC develops and advances for the purposes of guiding, promoting and sustaining the work of quitlines.
Member Feedback Requested
The Board requests your feedback on the proposed Ends by May 27th. It would be most helpful if you would please indicate:
  • You overall impression of the Ends
  • Your ideas for revising the proposed Ends
    • Changes in language
    • Additions
    • Deletions
Please send your feedback to Board@naquitline.org.
On behalf of the entire Board, I thank you for your consideration of this request and for your many contributions to NAQC!
Tracey Strader
Board Chair
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