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North American Quitline Consortium
Congratulations to Karla Sneegas!
As many of you know, our very own Karla Sneegas has assumed a new position as Chief of the Program Services Branch (PSB) at the Office on Smoking and Health (OSH) at CDC. On behalf of NAQC, the Board would like to offer her our best wishes and support!  Karla brings a fabulous array of talents and expertise to OSH, including her great experience in building state level programs, an excellent grasp of national issues, stellar leadership and strategic thinking, and exceptional interpersonal skills. We are confident that she will excel as Chief of PSB and will help the team at OSH  continue its excellent work.
Because NAQC receives funding from OSH, Karla stepped off the Board to avoid a conflict of interest. She will be sorely missed by fellow directors. Karla’s position on the Board will be filled in the upcoming Board election.
Encouraging You to Recommend Candidates for the Board by February 17!
The Board Nomination Committee has sent you a request to submit candidate names for the upcoming Board election. The Board would like to encourage all members to be active in the nomination process. Please review the qualifications and skills that we seek on the Board and put forward the names of your colleagues who meet the criteria and are willing to serve! Each year, the membership has identified excellent individuals who are willing to stand for election. We very much appreciate your help in maintaining a high caliber Board! The deadline for submissions is February 17.
Highlights from the Board’s January Meeting
At its recent teleconference meeting on January 20th, the Board discussed and took action on a variety of issues. After a discussion about the challenges and opportunities that face NAQC, we approved the qualifications and skills for this year’s Board candidates. We hope the candidates will have experience and skills in areas such as:
  • Finance: The Board is responsible for financial oversight of the organization, and seeks candidates with expertise in this area. Currently, there are no CPAs or MBAs on the Board.
  • Understanding issues related to organizational sustainability for NAQC: Ensuring sustainability of the organization is a key responsibility of the Board. NAQC seeks candidates who offer strategic leadership in fundraising and working with donor and/or grant-making organizations.
  • Policy governance of a not-for-profit organization: Experience on a non-profit board is extremely helpful to candidates. NAQC follows a policy governance model developed by John Carver which focuses on business issues and strategic leadership. The Board does not focus on program development; this issue is delegated to staff.
  • Operations of a quitline: NAQC seeks candidates with experience in the operations of quitlines. Currently, there are no service providers on the Board.
  • Making quitlines sustainable: Ensuring quitline sustainability is a key objective for NAQC. Recently, government funding for quitlines and tobacco control programs has been decreasing. NAQC seeks candidates who offer strategic leadership on new approaches to sustainability planning for quitlines, including public-private partnerships and integration of quitlines in health systems.

The directors also appointed Wayne Tormala to serve as chair of the Nominations Committee and appointed Larry Green as a new member of the committee. Other members of the committee include Jeannette Noltenius, Meg Riordan, and David Willoughby. We thank them for their service on the committee.
The Board reviewed and approved the CEO’s report on finance and fundraising. Like many of you, NAQC has had to work much harder at its fundraising activities to maintain its excellent programs. We thank Linda Bailey for her leadership in this area.
The Board also engaged in a discussion about graphic health warnings and the national media campaign in the U.S. We fully support the CEO’s work to gain additional funding for quitlines from the federal government in the U.S. for graphic health warnings and the national media campaign. We thank NAQC’s staff for its good work to help quitlines prepare for increased call volumes and send our best wishes to all quitline staff as the graphic health warnings are implemented in Canada (beginning in March) and as the 12-week media campaign gets underway in the U.S. (beginning mid-March). These are great opportunities for the quitline community to help even more tobacco users quit, and we look forward to hearing about your many successes in the upcoming months.
Respectfully submitted on behalf of the Board,

Penny Thomsen

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