September 2021 

Hello praying friends! Thank you for continuing to pray for the work we’re doing here in Eyres Monsell. We’re so aware of our need for prayers, and so we’re incredibly thankful that you’d pray for us at all. 


The Team

Things got a little quieter for us over the summer (July and August for non-UK readers). Our weekly meetings were put on hold for various reasons, and the business of people’s lives in a holiday time meant we didn’t see each that much. However, since the start of September we’ve begun to meet formally together regularly, as well as increasing our social times too. 

This has been made easier by the fact that Joel and Hannah were able to move into the estate in August! The move went really smoothly, and they’ve settled into their lovely new home really well. This is massively exciting – 18 months ago there was just me and Jamie living on the estate – now there are 4 couples, plus a handful of children. The moves haven’t always been straightforward – but please join us in thanking God for his hand in every aspect of it. I know the team are all massively thankful for their homes. Please pray for them as they begin to get to know neighbours and locals, and as they begin to live increasingly “on” the estate. One of the things we’re praying for as a team is ‘consistent insignificant moments’ with people from the estate – which can grow into something more as God leads. So please pray for the team – for energy, patience, self-denial and wisdom to navigate how to do that well.

The 3 newest houses from the team on the estate
Please also pray for us as a whole team. This term we’ve started working our way through the book of Ephesians. No pre-arranged questions, no study guide, just a massive sheet of paper with some of the verses printed on it, and then coloured pens. The plan is to read through the verses and write down what teaches us, encourages us, rebukes us and trains us in righteousness from those verses. We’re also looking to apply it specifically for our mission here in Eyres Monsell, so we’re also identifying what it says to us about what the Gospel is, what the Church is, and what Eyres Monsell is. Please pray that these would be unifying times for us as a team, that they’d encourage us in our friendship, fellowship and discipleship on the estate. Pray for us to grow in real depth of friendship, as we pray together and live in close quarters with each other. And please pray for energy to do that, as well as forgiveness, patience and grace.

Abi’s future, in particular, looks more and more uncertain. Please pray for her, that she’d cling to God and his call on her life, and that she’d make wise decisions. Pray for God’s leading and hand to be clear in all of the different steps that means over the next few months.

Some of us are heading up to the 20 Schemes Weekender conference at the end of October, so please could you also pray for that – that it would be bonding for us going, but that it would also motivate, energise and enthuse us more for our work in Eyres Monsell. 

As per usual, please pray for more people to catch the vision and join the team. We’re very thankful for the people who’ve committed so far, but we’d love more! So please keep praying for more. 
All of us (Joel joining on Zoom!) studying Ephesians together
Here are a few people from the estate we’d appreciate ongoing prayer in our conversations and friendships with:

P&T - Dan met this couple at Thelma's Café (more on that later!) who go to another church in Leicester and who have been praying for the estate for a while! Praise God for other Christians living here, and please pray for unity, fellowship and friendship with them in our mission here. 

J – Please do keep praying for J. Her and Jamie have begun reading the Bible again, after a fairly rocky summer for her. Please ask God to give her faith in Him more than anything else. Please also pray about her work and family situation – she’s really missing church on a Sunday morning, but is unable to come due to either one or the other.

R – Pray for ongoing friendship with R and his family. He always asks me to send over the sermon videos when I preach, and I’m confident he watches them. He’s been in hospital with a few health scares lately, which has given Jamie and I chance to love and support the family. Pray for good opportunities to hang out and chat with him about faith.

E – we mentioned her last prayer letter – please pray for her growing friendship with Emma. They’re hoping to meet up often, so pray for that friendship to grow and grow!

C – C is one of Joel and Hannah’s new neighbours. He’s lived on the street for a long time and is always friendly and up for a chat. Please pray for those conversations to be growing in depth and for Joel and Hannah to be a good witness to him. 

EMCYP/Thelma’s Café – The EMCYP (Eyres Monsell Centre For Young People) is where Thelma’s Café runs out of, and we’re slowly growing our relationships with people there. It’s a really lovely, sociable space for a cuppa or a Sausage Cob and a great place to meet people. The Shirtcliffes have pioneered our presence there, and as a team we’re wanting to be there during a week whenever we can. Dave and Hannah are also looking to volunteer there with some of their evening youth work. And, excitingly, we are going to hold our returning monthly prayer meetings there too. We have 2 dates booked in (730pm on the 21st October & 18th November) so if you’d like to join us – feel free! We’re also (hopefully) able to have Zoom access too if that’s easier. Please get in touch if you’d like the details!

EMCYP are also more than happy for us to rent out the place whenever we need, and the times we theoretically might need are nights they have free! So thank God for the relationship we have there, and ask that it would all be used to spread the Gospel here!

B – We mentioned B last prayer letter – a lady who’d come up to me at an event at EMCYP and told me she wanted to chat about what happens after we die. It turns out, nearly all of the ladies on the team have had decent interactions with B too, so please pray that that would turn into something where we’d have chance to chat with her about the gospel. 

Assemblies – Before the pandemic, I (Dan) was going into Rolleston (the primary school I taught in) to deliver Bible assemblies every week. These stopped when COVID arrived, but with restrictions lifting I’ve been asked to return. So on Thursdays at 10:20am, I am now able to go back into the school and teach the 7-11 year olds all about Jesus. I’m going through the gospel of Mark this term, and the children are really engaged and seem to be really enjoying. Please pray for this to plant seeds in their hearts that would one day lead to faith in God. Pray for the staff who are staying in these assemblies too!
Some photos from the School's social media of one of Dan's recent assemblies at Rolleston School
James Family
Thank you for your prayers for our summer. It was a really good summer together, where we felt God answering prayers for our hearts and our mindset. At the start of September, I had the opportunity to spend time with some pastors from all over the UK who are ministering in similar areas, which was a really helpful and encouraging few days. The following week I then had chance to go up to Edinburgh and spend the week with different guys there, which was also incredibly helpful and I brought back lots of challenges and encouragements to take into the term ahead. I’m massively thankful for the love and support 20 Schemes have given us!

Aoife’s return to school has been great, and we’re also reading through Mark’s gospel with her at bedtimes, which she’s soaking up. Please keep praying for her heart to remain as passionate about Jesus as it seems to be at the moment.

And then for Jamie, return to school has been exhausting as usual – but she’s enjoying her work and is also developing friendships with other ministry wives from around the country, which is massively helpful for her and a big answer to prayer.
Other News!
TWe have a website! It’s nothing fancy – yet – but it’s an easy space to point people to who might want to find out more about what we’re doing here. It is - please feel free to share it wherever!

There’s also a Whatsapp group where we share more immediate prayer requests – if you’d like to join that, then please click here on your device 

Thank you reading this far. Please do let us know if you’d like to join us on Zoom for our prayer meeting in October, as we continue to pray together for Eyres Monsell. We remain convinced that the Lord has ‘many people in this city’ (Acts 18v10), so please keep praying for us here.

Dan, Jamie & Aoife 
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