January 2013

Happy New Year!
If you've resolved to get better organized in 2013, TeamSupport's new features can help!

Happy New Year from the crew at TeamSupport!

If you've resolved to get your support desk better organized in 2013, these newest  TeamSupport features will help you start the new year off right!  

Organizing Columns: Choosing, Reorder and Sizing

By popular demand, we've created a new feature that now allows you to drag and drop columns in all grids to reorder them and change the width of each column!  Also, at the top of the grids is a new button called “Select Columns.” Clicking this will let you choose what columns to display in the grids so you can customize the view to show just the information you want.  

Adding a Customer from the Ticket Page

Now when you create or edit a ticket, you can add a new customer or contact to the ticket by clicking on the “New” button in the Customers pane. This is a quick and easy way to add new people or companies to a ticket that do not yet exist in your customers database.

View Recent Ticket History

Also in the ticket pages, we’ve added the ability to quickly see some more information about a customer - When you hover your mouse over the customer’s “Business Card” icon you will now see the last five tickets that customer has created.  This will give you a quick way to see the recent issues they have had and get a better understanding of the overall support picture with the client.
Visit TeamSupport University
If you haven't yet, be sure to visit our new TeamSupport University, which helps users get more familiar with the application. The videos demonstrate various functions of our helpdesk support software in small and easy-to- consume pieces. We are always adding to the library, so take a look. If you have an idea for a new one, please let us know!
Help is Always Available
As always, if you have questions or need assistance, help is as close as the top right-hand corner of your account. Click the "Help" link.

Rose's Ramblings  
Tips from Customer Service Guru Bill Rose

Could Your Customers Survive Without a Maintenance Agreement?

In a recent workshop focused on Defending Maintenance and Support Pricing, we had a great discussion about the value of the maintenance agreement for technology services.   

The consensus was that customers are putting pressure on technology suppliers to lower their service prices and are threatening to drop their maintenance agreements all together. If this happened it would have a major impact to the finances of all tech companies.

But, will it ever happen? Will customers decide to “self insure” and not pay the service fees just to reduce their total operating expenses?

I don’t think so! If they do, it could have catastrophic results!

“Airline’s Computers Crash”, “United Flights Latest Hit By Computer Woes!”, Five Hour Computer Outage Strands Passengers.” These are all headlines from a recent IT disaster that hit United Airlines as their reservation system crashed and the company stopped operating for a few HOURS. Can you imagine the confusion that this must have caused? Thousands of stalled passengers, 36 canceled flights, and 100 delayed flights worldwide was the result of United’s computer system crashing all across the nation. What a travel nightmare!

But, the story gets even worse. There is a history of airlines and the computer outages that have crippled their business and done some major reputation damage. Alaska Airlines cancelled 140 flights affecting 11,700 customers in March due to a flight plan system that lost power. Southwest Airlines delayed 300 flights after a 90-minute telecommunication outage also in March. Last August in Europe 1,000 flights were delayed when air-traffic-control computers went down in the Netherlands. Are you starting to see a trend here? The scenario is pretty simple; Rely heavily on IT to run your business, lose the IT and you lose your business.

Can you image what the results of all of these IT disasters would have been if the airlines mentioned above did not have technical support contracts with their suppliers? How long would it take them to get back up and running if they simply had Time & Materials service agreements with service provided on a “best effort” basis. There are several reasons that customers need to continue to have contracted services in place for all of their major systems and just one of them is the ability to get immediate service for mission critical service requests. Remember that this is not a story about the airlines industry; this is a story about all businesses that are questioning the value of the services provided by their IT suppliers. They are asking the question “What am I getting for my maintenance dollars?”

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Tips & Tricks
Integrate Your TeamSupport Files with DropBox

If you use DropBox to share files in your organization, you can now easily insert links to those documents in a TeamSupport action. Here's how!

When you add an action, a new button on the toolbar is now there for Dropbox. Simply click it and a file chooser will appear. Select the file you want, and a link will be placed into the ticket.

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