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Here at Canada Beef, we take pride in the Canadian beef brand, and helping to tell the Canadian beef story around the world.
It probably comes as no surprise that we are heavily focused on the brand story, and connecting the beef industry globally, from mark to fork, with the motional attributes of the Canadian beef brand.  While the technical aspects are still, and will always be important, research shows that consumers of beef want to be tied in to the story behind it, and create an emotional connection with the industry.
It is this research, and the needs of the Canadian beef industry, that encouraged our team at Canada Beef to bring the Canadian beef brand to life, with new consistent streamlined visuals, resources, messaging, voices and more.   This also includes revamping the Canadian beef brand mark.  It’s a minor change, but one that our research showed us was a positive move for our brand worldwide.  While our corporate (Canada Beef) logo remains the same, you will now notice the addition of the black beef animal on the consumer brand mark.  This provides instant recognition for customers, consumers and end users of Canadian beef.
We kicked off our new fiscal year with a launch of this aligned group of resources to an influential crowd of consumers, foodies, local celebrities and media on April 6th, here at the Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence (CBCE).  Their experience tied in all aspects of the Canadian beef story, and we were so proud to talk about putting the best of Canada to the beef we produce here.
This issue of the Branding Iron includes some glimpses into the event from the CBCE, as well as a look into the new resources that Canada Beef has invested in.  These resources are available to the industry to leverage.  It’s you’re story, so we want to help you tell it!

James Bradbury
Brand Officer, Canada Beef
The Canadian Beef Family Dinner Brand Event

On Wednesday, April 6th, Canada Beef hosted a family-style dinner at the Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence for more than 60 influencers, media and local celebrities to celebrate bringing Canadian beef to the dinner table.  With the help of prominent media personalities Gabe Hall, Julie Van Rosendall and Andrew Schultz, as well as  Canada's own recording superstar Paul Brandt, the Canadian beef story was brought to life at the CBCE and live online.  Read more here.
Trending!  Click the image above to see a feed of all the conversations going on on Twitter during the family dinner event.  We were a trending topic on Twitter, which means there was TONS of conversation happening! 
We put the best of Canada into our beef.
We Put the Best of Canada into our Beef -  Video Launch

We're proud to release our new Canadian Beef Brand video.  In just under two minutes, the video captures the essence of what it is that makes Canadian beef special.  By capturing what it means to be Canadian, we find ourselves with a very unique and exceptional story to tell.  The video, voiced by Canadian recording artist Paul Brandt, explains how Canada is the world's perfect place for raising beef.  The video is available in a full 1:52 version, as well as a short 0:30 short version online. Please take a moment to watch the videos, and share them with your networks.  Click the image above, or select a video below to view:

Canadian Beef Brand Mark - Keep your eyes peeled for the new Canadian Beef Brand Mark.  Global research tells us that consumers and end users connect with the new version of the mark, and provides increased brand recognition.  If you currently use the brand mark and need an updated copy version of this file, please let us know!  Click here to send us an email.
The Investor Kit - If you are in the beef industry or help support it, you are an investor.  You need to know what your investment supports, and that there is a return on investment.  This resource is for those invested in the Canadian beef industry, geared towards funders and producer partners.  See it here.
PaulAndRob - Check out the article on Food in Canada about the Canadian beef family dinner event.  Click to see what they had to say.
The Canadian Beef Brand Story - For those of us who live and breathe Canadian beef, the story is what we do each and every day.  Canada Beef has documented the story of Canadian beef from farm to fork.  This piece has lots of potential uses!  From advocates looking for help telling the story, to partners seeking messaging around how our beef is raised and produced, and everything in between, this piece can be a go-to source for the Canadian beef brand.  Click here.
The Media Kit - The media kit is the "quick and dirty" answers that media and others might want to know about Canada Beef the organization, Canadian beef the product, and our industry as a whole.  Check it out here.
Check out the official post-event press release from Canada Beef following the Canadian beef family dinner event.
Stay tuned for more photos, media hits, videos and more from the Canadian Beef Family Dinner in future issues, along with our regular scheduled Branding Iron programming.  Thanks for joining us for our special edition!
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