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Join the campaign - and help us to defend David Miller!

Dear comrade <<First Name>>

Welcome to the first newsletter of the Labour Campaign for Free Speech! We’ve only been going for a couple of weeks, but have thrown ourselves fully into the important campaign to defend Bristol Professor David Miller.

We believe it is extremely important to show public solidarity with David in the face of the massive onslaught by the Israeli lobby. More than 100 MPs have demanded Miller be sacked from his job for speaking out against Zionism. If they succeed, who knows who is going to be next!

What you can do

  • Join the Labour Campaign for Free Speech - here

  • Attend our public meeting in defence of David Miller tomorrow Saturday March 13 - register here

  • Read up on the background to David’s case - here

  • If you are an academic, sign the open letter in his defence - here

  • Help spread memes in support of David on social media - you can use the ones we have created here or make your own

Saturday March 13, 5pm:
Defend David Miller, Defend academic Freedom!

David Miller is under threat of suspension from his University job because he has expressed views on the State of Israel and on Zionism. Those who seek to get David fired from his job won’t stop there. Other academics who are critical of Israel will be targeted and possibly fired. And it won’t take much of this to persuade other academics to stop speaking out against Israel’s policies for fear of losing their careers. Chair: Esther Giles, Bristol Labour and Committee member for the Labour Campaign for Free Speech. Economics graduate University of Cambridge.

  • Lowkey (Kareem Dennis), British-Iraqi rapper and activist

  • Jonathan Cook, Investigative journalist

  • Professor Moshe Machover, Mathematician, philosopher, and socialist activist. Israeli founder of Matzpen (Socialist Organisation in Israel)

  • Dr. Deepa Driver, Trade Unionist and Academic. Observer at the extradition hearing of Julian Assange

  • Paramjeet Singh Bhogal, Teacher; Applied Educational Psychologist; National Education Union

  • Matt Kennard, Investigative journalist and author

Register here for this meeting

Join us

On February 13 2021, an online conference of over 300 people set up the Labour Campaign for Free Speech. We agreed a ‘Charter for Free Speech‘, a ‘Charter for Labour Party members’ rights‘ and elected a steering committee of 10 people - click here

We call on all democratic and progressive forces to join us in opposing the current attacks on free speech and to campaign to:

  • Defend the right to free speech and publication.

  • Reject the IHRA so-called definition of antisemitism, whose sole use has been to chill free speech on Israel/Palestine.

  • End the antisemitism smear campaign conducted against Jeremy Corbyn and the left, which has spread into wider society.

  • Oppose the threat of defunding of universities if they do not adopt IHRA and the targeting of academics who speak out on Israel/Palestine.

  • Stop the labelling of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Campaign (BDS) as ‘antisemitic’.

  • Oppose the interference of the state in the running of political parties.

  • End the Prevent programme.

  • Stop the prosecution of whistleblowers and journalists.

Our first all-members’ meeting takes place on Saturday April 24.

  • Individual annual membership is £5 (unwaged), £10 (waged)

  • Affiliation of local groups is £20, for national organisations £50.

  • Please click here to join us via Membersmojo, a very easy membership system.

  • Please consider making a donation. Thank you!

Learn More

Ken Loach, Alexei Sayle and others in support of David Miller and academic freedom

These memes are available on our website - here

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