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Aug 25, 2010 11:00 am | Issuu

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By John Sutton, Managing Editor of The Psychologist.

As the editor of the membership magazine of a professional body of psychologists, one question has followed me throughout my ten-year tenure: Everyone loves a bit of psychology, so how could we get out to a larger audience?

Aware of the fact that a newsstand launch can cost millions, I started investigating online publishing options. There were several out there, but the Issuu developers seemed passionate and supportive. Something about the platform suggested people who loved magazines… The Internet bells and whistles were important, but I also wanted that sense of pulling a magazine from a shelf and flicking through it. Perhaps most importantly, the cost of just $19 per month made it a low-risk no-brainer for us.

We started using Issuu in January 2009 in an attempt to get previews and sample editions out to large and new audiences. On occasions (e.g. October 2009) the results have been so startling (215,000 readers!) that we had to double-check the figures. To get the most from that attention we’re linking from the digital previews to our webshop and have noticed a rise in people downloading the full PDF or subscribing in print. So Issuu is more than paying for itself. It’s also a great feeling to be able to get it up there before the print version is available, and tell the world about it via Twitter and various blogs.

Print advertisers are just starting to recognize the benefits of paying extra to leave their ads in the digital previews, and we will be looking to offer enhancements such as added audio and video. We are still not using Issuu to its full potential, and we need to properly integrate it with our own website. The next couple of years should be exciting. And when Issuu manage to get fully functioning iPhone and iPad apps out there, I may just spontaneously combust at the shininess of it all.

The Psychologist is the monthly magazine of The British Psychological Society. You can view more samples and previews at

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