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Smart in your world | Arent Fox Fashion Counsel
Volume 1, Episode 12

Fashion Counsel: Rihanna’s T-Shirt Battle a Warning to Retailers

Earlier this year, in the most recent high-profile right of publicity case, Rihanna sued British retailer Topshop for using her likeness to sell t-shirts. Rihanna asked a British court to decide whether the public was deceived into thinking that she had endorsed the product. Last month, a London judge responded affirmatively and ruled in her favor, granting a permanent injunction, while citing that the sale of the shirt without Rihanna's permission constituted "passing-off." 

Retailers and fashion companies using iconic or celebrity images to sell products should be aware of right of publicity laws to ensure compliance and avoid lawsuits.

In the first of a two-part episode of Fashion Counsel, Anthony Lupo talks with California Managing Partner, Robert O'Brien about the various nuances of right of publicity laws for celebrities in different jurisdictions.

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