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July 20, 2015

New Login Page for WRLC Library Services

We will be updating the WRLC Library Services login page for the Fall semester. The redesign will provide a more mobile-friendly and responsive interface for use across multiple devices. It will also prepare for the implementation of federated authentication by asking users to first select their institution and then provide their name and login credentials.

Heretofore, WRLC has authenticated users to licensed and authenticated online resources using the patron information included in Voyager. Federated authentication verifies the individual's identity using their home institution's directory services, thus eliminating the need for a WRLC-specific login and allowing the user to use credentials that are consistent with their other institutional logins. 

George Washington is federating authentication for their EZproxy authentication server this summer. So, when a GW patron accesses a shared e-book in the catalog from off campus and selects "George Washington" as her Institution on the new WRLC login page, she will then enter the username and password required for accessing GW resources; off-campus patrons from other universities will be presented with the current WRLC Last Name and University ID fields to login.

The final design for the new login page will be reviewed with the User Experience Advisory Group to ensure it is simple, easy to use, and optimized to meet the digital needs of our patrons.
- Don Gourley
Director of Information Technology

CLS (Consortium Loan Service):  Improved Article Request processing and new look and feel.

CLS Article Request processing has been redesigned under the guidance of the WRLC Resource Sharing Advisory Committee (RSAC) to provide an improved design and to enhance processing. The design of the request forms now mimics the familiar look and feel of the ILLiad request form that is used for ILL article requests. All CLS Article Requests will be directed to the Shared Collections Facility if the article is available there. If the article is not located in the Shared Collections Facility, the article request will automatically be redirected to ILLiad where it can be filled by a WRLC library or any other lending partner determined by the Interlibrary Loan staff. This will allow for quicker fulfillment of article requests.  

We plan to deploy these changes to CLS Article Request in the first week of August.

- Kathy Kilduff
Senior Software Engineer

WRLC Loads 113,900 HathiTrust Bibliographic Records Into the WRLC Catalog

In July, WRLC loaded over 113,000 public domain HathiTrust Digital Library records into the WRLC catalog.  These records represent titles identified by Sustainable Collection Services as corresponding to current print holdings in the WRLC catalog.

Adding these records give users of the WRLC Catalog quick and easy access to copyright-free, digital versions of these works found in the HathiTrust Digital Library. They are identified in the WRLC Catalog by the location “Hathi” and are part of the WRLC Shared E-Resources Collection.  For some examples see:

HathiTrust is a partnership of academic and research institutions, offering an online collection of over 13 million volumes, including nearly 7 million book titles and 5 million public domain titles, that have been digitized from libraries around the world. 

- Suzanne Picken
Integrated Library Systems Librarian

Voyager Software Upgrade to Version 9.1 on August 14-16.


WRLC will upgrade the Voyager software to 9.1 the weekend of August 14th-August 16th.  The last upgrade to Voyager was Release 8.1.2 installed on August 9-11, 2013. During the upgrade process, which is expected to take no more than three days, a Read-Only catalog will be available; however, circulation information will reflect the status at close of business on August 14th. There will be no access via the Voyager clients during the upgrade; offline circulation should be used to track lending while the system is unavailable.

WRLC staff upgraded the Voyager test server to version 9.1 the week of March 23rd, providing WRLC and library staff five months to test the new release before the upgrade of the production Voyager system.  
  • Voyager 9.1 brings some valuable enhancements and listed below are a few highlights:
  • Ability to search vendors by alternate names in Acquisitions
  • Ability to select standard number on Purchase Order
  • Ability to suppress the creation of the 035 field (bulk import)
  • Automatic update item location and item type when updating holdings (Cataloging)
  • Link to RDA Toolkit from Cataloging
  • Print contents of the Cataloging Hierarchy display
  • Option to edit fines/fees (Circulation)
  • Automatically remove fines/fees when lost item is discharged
  • Create a record set using owning record criteria in Global Data Change(GDC)
  • Export record sets from Global Data Change (GDC)
  • Export Files of MARC records in Global Data Change (GDC)
  • New update options in Pick & Scan in Cataloging and Circulation clients 
You will find more information in the Release notes on the WRLC ftpsite: Release Notes 9.1

We will be providing detailed information regarding retrieval and installation and expected downtown during the upgrade via a WRLC Alert.  For further information contact Suzanne Picken  (

- Suzanne Picken
 Integrated Library Systems Librarian

Islandora Digital Repository Goes Live

Islandora, the WRLC's new digital repository system, went into production and is available to the world beginning Monday, July 20, 2015. The digital collections of American University, Catholic University, Gallaudet University, Marymount University and the University of the District of Columbia have been successfully migrated from DSpace to Islandora. 

In addition to ingesting more than a terabyte of digital collections, WRLC staff have completed a number of related projects in the last month to bring the implementation period to a close.  Islandora metadata is currently being harvested for inclusion in the Summon Discovery Service.  Authentication via EZ Proxy was completed with assistance from the Islandora community.  Electronic theses and dissertations can now be uploaded to Islandora servers by those partners using the ProQuest ETD Administrator service.

The combined collection now boasts over 180,000 digital objects including audio, video, documents, and images.  The migration is truly a major accomplishment and the Islandora platform will provide a robust and highly-functional digital repository service for WRLC partners and patrons. Aaron Krebeck, WRLC’s Digital Services Librarian, thanks his co-workers at WRLC and the members of the Islandora Implementation Team for their feedback and assistance during this process. Their contributions were crucial to ensuring a positive outcome.

See the collections here:

American -
Catholic -
Gallaudet -
Marymount -

- Aaron Krebeck
Digital Services Librarian

JSTOR Consortial DDA Heading Our Way

The WRLC community will soon have access to more than 30,000 titles from leading academic publishers from around the world as part of a year-long DDA pilot project with JSTOR.
Over the course of the fall and spring semesters, the Coordinated Collections Committee (CCC) successfully completed its evaluation of consortial demand-driven acquisitions (DDA) programs. Their charge was to recommend and implement an expansive, broad-based, WRLC-wide multi-publisher DDA program with a seamless patron experience. To reach the decision to conduct the pilot year with JSTOR, the CCC interviewed key staff at a variety of consortia with DDA plans already implemented, including Orbis-Cascade, VIVA, Connect New York and the Colorado Alliance. The committee also thoroughly examined the DDA offerings of key DDA providers including YBP, ProQuest, Ingram-Coutts, EBSCO, ProjectMuse, and JSTOR.

JSTOR rose to the top of the list based on much positive past experience and the promised features of their new DDA initiative. DDA titles in the JSTOR program will be available through the JSTOR interface popular with so many students, faculty and librarians.  MARC records will also be downloaded into the shared WRLC catalog on a regular schedule. Libraries with stand-alone catalogs will receive an additional set of MARC records.

The JSTOR titles are DRM-free, complete from cover-to-cover, and are eligible for chapter level interlibrary loan.  University press and society/scholarly publishers make up the vast majority of publishers included. When usage and download triggers are reached, each participating library will own an e-copy of the title, preserved in Portico with perpetual access rights. There are no additional short-term loan fees.

A list of participating publishers is available at If you’d like more information about the investigation the committee conducted, recordings of interviews with other consortia and provider presentations are available on the WRLC library staff intranet. 

The CCC and Consortial DDA Implementation Group plan to see the new DDA service go live before fall semester, and hope to activate a brief test period for library staff to gauge the patron experience.

Recognition must be shared with the WRLC Steering Committee, the Shared Collections Strategy Task Force and key folks at WRLC who supported the CCC’s efforts as work progressed, including contributing to strategizing, developing funding models and ultimately approving the recommendation.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your representative to the Coordinated Collections Committee.

- Cathy Zeljak
Director, Global Resources Center (GW)
Chair, Coordinated Collections Committee

Weekend Staffing at WRLC Shared Collections Facility

WRLC will begin having Shared Collections Specialists working at the Shared Collections Facility on weekends, beginning Sunday, July 19th. Two staff will work each Sunday (needing to operate the lift and access 30 foot high shelves requires a minimum of two staff on site for safety reasons). Having staff work on Sundays will help ensure a maximum 48 hour turnaround on all requests from the facility. While the average time to fill loan requests from the facility is 36 hours, requests made late Friday or on Saturday might take more than 48 hours to reach their destination without having weekend staffing. It's hoped this shift in staffing will result in improved service regardless of the timing of patron's requests.

Presentations and Discussion from the WRLC Annual Planning Retreat Now Online

The highlights of the morning session of the WRLC Annual Planning Retreat held on June 12, 2015 were presentations by Laurel L. Haak, Executive Director of ORCID on Persistent Identifiers in Digital Communications: People, Places, and Research Objects and Philip E. Schreur, Assistant University Librarian for Technical and Access Services, Green Library, Stanford University on BIBFRAME from Origins to Implementation: an Imperative Transition. A video recording of their presentations and the discussion with the Library Directors Council and the Steering Committee are available online.
See the Video Here

Event: Code4Lib MDCV 2015 meetup

August 11-12, 2015
McKeldin Library
University of Maryland, College Park
Organizing Staff: 
  • Andrea Medina-Smith
  • Ben Wallberg
  • Bill Helman
  • Bohyun Kim
  • Bria Parker
  • Francis Kayiwa
  • Josh Westgard
  • Laura Wrubel
  • Neil M. Frau-Cortes 
Details, schedule, and registration:
  • Coming soon! 
  • 8/11: Prepared talks (Morning), Unconference (Afternoon) 
  • 8/12: Hackathon and Workshops
For more information, go to

Management Training Program for Librarians - TRLN Management Academy: The Business of Libraries

On behalf of the Triangle Research Libraries Network (TRLN), I invite you to apply for the sixth TRLN Management Academy, to be held in October 2015 in Chapel Hill, NC. This unique experiential learning program prepares current or new mid-level managers in academic libraries to operate with entrepreneurial and business acumen in the management of financial and human resources. Appropriate candidates will be librarians in the early stages of a management career (for example, new department heads, assistant heads, or team leaders) who have high potential and notable talent. Nominees should already be grounded in the fundamentals of supervision. 

The program is designed with input from directors of TRLN libraries to support talent management and succession planning efforts by addressing gaps in the preparation of librarians for management roles. Academic faculty and university administrators from TRLN universities present sessions customized for a library environment on the topics of:
  • Strategy and leading change
  • Resource planning
  • Influence and communication
  • Performance management
  • Organizational culture and diversity.
Library administrators and practitioners serve as panelists to provide a context for application of the program of study to the current academic library environment.

Tuition for non-TRLN members is $2000 for the five-day intensive seminar, October 26-30, 2015. Tuition includes all program materials, continental breakfast, and lunch. Participants or their home institutions are responsible for travel expenses, lodging, and evening subsistence costs. 
 Up to 32 participants will be accepted from academic libraries, with approximately one-half of the slots allocated to TRLN member libraries. Candidates will submit applications, and selections will be made by a selection committee. 

Applicants must provide a letter of support from the library director along with all application materials by July 24, 2015. Selections will be announced by August 14, 2015. 
TRLN is a collaborative organization of Duke University, North Carolina Central University, North Carolina State University, and The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the purpose of which is to marshal the financial, human, and information resources of their research libraries through cooperative efforts in order to create a rich and unparalleled knowledge environment that furthers the universities' teaching, research, and service missions. 

The application and more information are available at
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