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September 01, 2015
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WRLC Initiatives

The WRLC Library Directors Council, the Steering Committee and the WRLC leadership team met in June to discuss and determine our initiatives for the current year. Below is a list of the approved initiatives, arranged by our four strategic priorities. Additional initiatives on shared e-resource collections, shared digital preservation opportunities and the potential for collaborative human resources are continuing to be considered by the Library Directors Council. 

Creating coordinated collections
  • Implement the MOU on Shared Print Retention.
  • Implement & assess DDA for JSTOR e-books. 
  • Investigate & recommend the desirability of a shared, complementary, coordinated approval plan.
  • Explore memberships in organizations to preserve  & provide access to print/digital resources.
Creating robust discovery & access
  • Update interlibrary loan rights information for e-resources in WorldCat to facilitate loans in the WRLC.
  • Implement recommended database cleanup in preparation for data migration to a Next Gen system.
  • Investigate a shared OCLC symbol for materials located in the SCF. 
  • Enable federated authentication for access to online services and electronic resources.
  • Reassess library services platforms (Next-Gen ILS) & recommend next steps.
  • Implement fine forgiveness proposal.
Preserving physical and digital resources
  • Begin use of SCF3. 
  • Investigate models for sharing equipment for digital preservation projects.
Sharing expertise & setting direction
  • Revise WRLC document on licensing best practices to enhance sharing within the WRLC.
  • Administer the WRLC satisfaction survey again, evaluate our success and recommend areas for attention.
- Mark Jacobs
WRLC Executive Director

Upgrade to WRLC Network and Firewall

The WRLC network will be undergoing a major upgrade on Sunday morning, September 27 in order to replace aging equipment and strengthen our network border security. Our wide-area networking routers and firewall are approaching end-of-life and we have procured equipment to replace them that introduces a next generation integrated security platform to our network by consolidating a traditional firewall with intelligent filtering capability.

The new equipment will be deployed in a fully redundant "Active/Active" configuration that will provide for automatic failover in the case of equipment failure or if one of our Internet service providers goes down. Initial configuration will convert our existing firewall access lists to policy rules, but in the future we will be able implement more advanced features for intrusion detection and prevention and comprehensive content security against malware, viruses, phishing attacks and other threats.

We expect the cutover to the new equipment to be smooth, however, there is a limit to the testing that can be done prior to cutover as it must be done in an artificial environment that cannot replicate the Internet. The WRLC network will be unavailable for less than 30 minutes as connections are moved from the old to the new equipment. We will need a four-hour maintenance window to test various services and correct any problems during which some services may be unavailable intermittently. To minimize the impact on library patrons and staff we are scheduling this maintenance window for Sunday morning, September 27.
- Don Gourley
Director of Information Technology

JSTOR Consortial DDA Is Now Live

In the last newsletter we announced that after a fulsome investigation, the WRLC Steering Committee approved the Coordinated Collections Committee’s recommendation to implement a pilot of JSTOR’s consortium-wide demand-driven acquisitions program (DDA).  

We are now happy to announce that after a test period to ensure functionality, review catalog records, and work out the bulk transfer of over 30,000 DDA titles, the pilot is now live. 

All affiliated users of all nine libraries in the Consortium now have access onsite and via proxy to the full set of titles. Each title has a fully-cataloged record in the shared catalog, in the separate GU and GM catalogs, and is also findable directly through the JSTOR platform. Holdings and location information follows the standard already established for e-book records in the WRLC catalog.  Routine updates will be scheduled via FTP.

As a quick reminder, the JSTOR titles are DRM-free, complete from cover-to-cover, and are eligible for chapter level interlibrary loan.  University press and society/scholarly publishers make up the vast majority of publishers included. When usage and download triggers are reached (32 views or 20 chapter downloads), an automatic purchase is initiated, and each participating library will own an e-copy of the title, preserved in Portico with perpetual access rights. There are no short-term loan fees.

A list of participating publishers is available at

The Consortial DDA Implementation Group, made up of a cross-section of Meta-data, User Experience and Technical Services groups in collaboration with WRLC staff, is still working out final details regarding frequency of updates and fine tuning the meta-data. Should you have a concern about access to or appearance of records or have any questions related to the pilot, please don’t hesitate to contact your representative to either committee.

 The Coordinated Collections Committee (CCC) will be monitoring usage and associated expenditures as the pilot moves forward, with an eye toward making adjustments to ensure access throughout the academic year.  The CCC is planning to submit a report of their findings to the Steering Committee in March, to facilitate decision-making for the following academic year.

Thanks all around to the many individuals at WRLC, on the CCC and Implementation group and at our member institutions who all contributed to the successful initiation of the pilot.

- Cathy Zeljak
Director, Global Resources Center (GW)
Chair, Coordinated Collections Committee

Shared Collections Facility Expansion is Complete

The new Shared Collections Facility module (SCF3) is officially complete! We received our permanent Occupancy Permit on August 26, officially certifying completion of the expansion of the Shared Collections Facility. SCF3 adds space for up to 2 million volumes for a total capacity of 5 million volumes at the WRLC headquarters. As of today, the Shared Collections Facility houses 2.3 million volumes and 53,000 archival boxes. Over 500 boxes of archival materials and nearly 50,000 book volumes are now shelved in SCF3. 

In 2010, Paul Courant and Matthew “Buzzy” Nielsen estimated the cost of keeping a book in various shelving environments, including open stacks and high density storage. Based on their research, shelving 5 million volumes in a campus library would cost over $21 million each year while the current cost of operations for the WRLC Shared Collections Facility plus principal and interest for the construction is, by comparison, only $1.6 million.
- Mark Jacobs
WRLC Executive Director

Migration Off Legacy Solaris Platform

Our legacy enterprise platform, installed in 1997 to support the then  new Voyager client-server ILS architecture, consists of Sun equipment and Solaris system software. The equipment we are using now is 5 to 12 years old, and increasingly it is no longer supported by Oracle, which acquired Sun Microsystems in 2009. Third party support is available but costs more as the equipment ages.

Over the past six years WRLC has been building up a private cloud with increased virtualization and open source system software such as Linux. This has allowed us to be more flexible and responsive to system needs and able to manage many more services, servers, and storage with fewer resources. Solaris is previous generation system software, which takes more resources to manage and administer than the private cloud and requires us to develop and maintain skills in two distinct enterprise environments. The Solaris platform is also not able to take advantage of the benefits of virtualization, notably  improved disaster recovery.

This summer we have initiated a project to move applications off the old Sun servers and into our virtual environment. This will help achieve goals of reducing our system administration and support costs, more effective management and modernization of WRLC custom applications, and timely recovery of IT services and infrastructure in the event of a disaster at WRLC headquarters. We have completed the migration of a variety of small web applications and sites. 

This Fall we will migrate two of the three primary services still running on Solaris: the Consortium Loan Service and Single Sign-On system. This will reduce to the minimum the number of Solaris systems  needed to run the Voyager ILS. Depending on when we move to a next generation library system, we may migrate Voyager and Oracle to the private cloud next summer, or wait for the new system. The Library Directors Council is asking the Next-Gen Task Force to reassess the library service platform landscape and determine by January how soon that migration can be completed.
- Don Gourley
Director of Information Technology


Event: Library Staff Orientation at the WRLC HQ

Thursday, October 15 from - 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
WRLC Headquarters
901 Commerce Drive, Upper Marlboro, MD 20774
Join us for an orientation highlighting how the Washington Research Library Consortium works together to provide shared information resources, services and expertise. Learn about current initiatives and tour the facilities of your Consortium headquarters. Learn about your partners, how decisions are made and how the services benefit you and your university. Check out the recently completed Shared Collections Facility! 

Previous participants found the orientation to be very useful. They appreciated the opportunity to put faces with names and to get a better understanding of the integration of the technical infrastructure that is the foundation of the services provided by the WRLC. Seeing the Shared Collections Facility, with its collection of over 2 million print volumes and over 53,000 archival boxes, is always a favorite. 

Whether you are new to the WRLC or have been among its partners for years, you will discover how our work together benefits the success of learning and scholarship.

Space is limited. Please complete the registration form by October 8th.

Transportation: Directions to the WRLC HQ can be found at:
Register Today!

Save the Date: 2016 WRLC Annual Meeting

Plan to join us for the WRLC Annual Meeting, Tuesday, March 8, 2016 in the afternoon at Marymount University.

Wondering what the Annual Meeting is all about? Check out the WRLC Newsletter article about the 2015 Annual Meeting.

Event: When Authors Rule: The Shifting Balance of Power in Scholarly Publishing

September 17, 2015
10:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
American University Library, Training and Events Room 115 
Chris KenneallyChristopher Kenneally, Copyright Clearance Center

Scientific literature traces its origins to the 17th century, and for much of the last 350 years, the practices of researchers, editors and publishers went unchanged. The digital revolution, however, has transformed the publishing landscape and rewritten the business rules. This presentation will identify what lies behind the remarkable changes of the past 15 years, and what authors can do to harness these forces to their advantage. 

Christopher Kenneally of the non-profit Copyright Clearance Center is host of Beyond the Book, a weekly podcast series on the information industry that helps knowledge professionals realize the full potential of their works, while encouraging respect for intellectual property and the principles of copyright. Prior to joining CCC in 2001, Kenneally was an independent journalist, contributing regularly to the Boston Globe and New York Times, among many other publications. He also reported for WBUR-FM (Boston); National Public Radio; and WGBH-TV (Boston), and is author of The Massachusetts Legacy and Massachusetts 101.

Sponsor: The American University Library's Colloquium on Scholarly Communication
Register Today!

Event: WRLC Forum - Holistic Collections Assessment

October 7, 2015
10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
American University Library, Training and Events Room 115 

Madeline Kelly, Head of Collection Development at George Mason University Library

Assessment is an increasingly vital part of what it means to develop and manage library collections. Assessment allows us to pinpoint gaps in our holdings, identify areas for cost savings, respond to constituent needs, and set goals for the future. Most librarians have been involved in some form of assessment, be it a journal review project or a weeding initiative, but rarely in any kind of systematic, holistic way. Perhaps they lack the time for systematic assessment, or the funding, or the expertise.  Perhaps the prospect of establishing a formal assessment infrastructure is too daunting.

This presentation will cover a holistic and systematic approach to subject-specific collection assessment, as undertaken at George Mason University. The approach is cyclical and adaptable, generating a ‘snapshot’ of each subject area while allowing the methodology to be modified as needed to meet the assessment goals of the moment. Even small libraries short on resources could implement the approach in some form.

Event contacts:  Katherine Simpson,; Patricia West,

Please RSVP by October 2.
Register Today!

Event: Catholic Archives in the Digital Age

October 8-9, 2015
9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
The Catholic University of America
Caldwell Auditorium, Caldwell Hall
All are invited to attend Catholic Archives in the Digital Age: A Conference for Archivists and Teachers. October 8th sessions feature archivists and teachers in Catholic institutions discussing digitized materials, what teachers would like to see digitized, and successful collaborative projects. October 9th features a digitization workshop. All events are free though registration is necessary. Space for the workshop is limited to first come, first served. For more information and to register, visit the website:

Sponsor: The Catholic University of America's American Catholic History Research Center and University Archives; Department of Library and Information Science; and Institute for Policy Research & Catholic Studies.
Register Today!

Event: International Open Access Week
October 19-25, 2015

October 19-25, 2015
The Catholic University of America

Open for Collaboration

KEYNOTE ADDRESS: How Open Access Benefits Faculty + Research

Tuesday, October 13  11:00 AM  Great Room A, Edward J. Pryzbyla University Center
Learn about the experiences at universities that have adopted an open access policy.
  • Dr. Steven Lerman, Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, George Washington University
  • Geneva Henry, University Librarian and Vice Provost for Libraries, George Washington University

PRESENTATION: Institutional Repositories

Tuesday, October 20  4:00 PM  May Gallery, Mullen Library
Consider the impacts of institutional repositories and how they affect faculty and student contributors.
  • Terry Owen, Digital Scholarship Librarian, Digital Repository at the University of Maryland (DRUM)

PANEL DISCUSSION: Scholarly Publishing and the Open Access Ecosystem

Wednesday, October 28  6:30 PM  Pearl Bailey Room, Busboys & Poets (Brookland)
What do scholarly authors and researchers need to know?
  • Rikk Mulligan, ACLS Public Fellow & Program Officer for Scholarly Publishing, Association of Research Libraries FACULTY PANEL
  • Dr. Trevor Lipscombe, Director, The Catholic University of America Press
  • Dr. James Green, Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies, The Catholic University of America
  • Dr. Jennifer Paxton, Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of History, and Assistant Director, Honors Program, The Catholic University of America
These events are open to the public. No R.S.V.P. required. Please contact Kim Hoffman at at least one week prior to the event to request disability accommodations. In all situations, a good faith effort (up until the time of the event) will be made to provide accommodations.
Find and share more information on WRLC events, committees, and presentations at the

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