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Somehow content in web design has been relegated to an afterthought.

What is your website without content? Unfortunately too many times the typical website is wireframed, designed and built and then at the last minute the content is forced in. Why is this? Why is content considered to have such little value? Imagine you were to design and build a house and then worry about which rooms to put in it and where to put them. It would be insane. Why is it ok for website content to be a footnote in the creation process?

It's wrong that web design has evolved into prettying up a sea of Lorem Ipsum and then forcing the content in at the end. There aren't many genuine reasons that content could not be available at the beginning of a project. The only reason is that it has simply become a bad habit. The web designer should be designing FOR the content from the start. You, as a client, should be quite worried if you're letting your designer create up an image gallery for you without a clear idea of what the eventual images would be. Making the effort to make content available before the project starts will result in a website that's specifically tailored to your content and therefore a much higher quality end product.

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