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A hot dog lunch

Celebrating All the Hot Dogs!

With summer in full swing in the northern hemisphere, we're loving getting outside and grilling hot dogs with our family and friends. What better time to do so than during National Hot Dog Month! For all you meat lovers, we invite to you to dig into your favorite brand during this most glorious of celebrations.

Map of great hot dog cities and regions in the USA

Target: Clients in All the Hot Dog Locations

As you've probably guessed from this silly newsletter, we're big fans of hot dogs at LBDesign. With National Hot Dog Month upon us, we researched which cities and regions boast their own style of hot dog. We learned that there are hot dog cities and regions where we have no clients. We want to fix that so we can schedule on-site client meetings in places whose style of hot dog we've never eaten.

The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council shared a list of regional hot dog styles. From that, we've created a map of where we have clients and where we still need some.

Can you please review our map and refer us to your friends and colleagues in cities and regions where we don't have clients?

Hot dogs prepared by Lauren and Liam

What's Your Kind of Hot Dog?

When Liam and Lauren met up earlier this month to work together in person, and to celebrate National Hot Dog Month, they learned a terrible truth. They are diametrically opposed in how they garnish their hot dogs.

In the picture above, can you guess which two are Lauren's and which two are Liam's?

Share Your Favorites!
We appreciate lots of different regions have their own style of hot dogs. And we know that if you like hot dogs, you will definitely have opinions on how you like your hot dogs.

Hit the button below to tell us how you like yours! Extra points if you tell us about the weirdest style of hot dog you've ever eaten. We'll share all the feedback that we receive in fun blog post on our website. For every reply that we receive, we'll donate $10 to our local food bank, the Chester County Food Bank.
Tell Us How You Make Your Hot Dogs
With the heat of a summer upon us in the northern hemisphere, we're rolling out a new service just for hot dog carts and stands.

Yep, that's right, we're bringing the power and scalability of WordPress to the boardwalks, street corners, and food trucks of America – and to your favorite greasy spoon. Wherever you get your favorite dog, be sure to tell 'em that if they need a new website, we've got the solution.


Introducing Our Friends:

Ketchup and Mustard

Ketchup and mustard
Practically a match made in heaven, ketchup and mustard have been together a long time. While  each flourishes on its own, together these two condiments add a flavor and zest to hotdogs, burgers, and so many delicious grillable foods.

To be honest, we don't recall when we first met ketchup and mustard. Liam and Lauren think it was then they were both still young children, growing up in Illinois and Pennsylvania respectively. Over time, Lauren developed a special fondness for ketchup, while Liam considers mustard a great sauce. Yet we love them both.

If you're planning on firing up your grill any time soon, we invite you to make sure that you have plenty of ketchup and mustard on hand. They make any backyard party or BBQ a real success! Both ketchup and mustard are available anywhere you find quality condiments.

Handpicked Selections for Your Reading List

Baseball Hot Dog and Sausage Guide

Major League Baseball has compiled a guide featuring some of this year’s most unique offerings at MLB ballparks across the USA. How many have you tried?

Review the roster

A Job Opportunity on the Open Road

Oscar Meyer has a wonderful wienermobile that drives around the USA promoting hot dogs and the company's brand. And luckily for you, you can apply to be a hotdogger and roadtrip in it!

See the wienermobile

Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest

Every year, hot dog company Nathan's holds a hot dog eating contest in New York. This fast food contest (See what we did there?) invites contestants to eat as many hot dogs as they can in 10 minutes. The winning numbers are staggering!

Check out the contest
Sometimes fun little ideas take on a life of their own. We hope you enjoyed this silly little departure from our standard newsletter format. We pretty much giggled and smiled our way through putting this together. It was so much fun!
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