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Evolution. ©Dan Piraro
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Re-Tuning for a Sustainable Future

Why do we overeat, even if we’re not hungry? Or compulsively shop when our closets overflow with stuff? Our well-tuned brain that evolved long ago, focused on short-term survival, is what guides us each day.

As we sit facing some of the biggest challenges humanity has ever met, it is vital that we understand how our brains are wired and why. As we outstrip our resources and out-consume our neighbors, our brains are taking us headlong into a brick wall.

"With brains long tuned to abundance, we Americans are inclined to deny the future and its forebodings. In our cleverness and flourishing, we have transformed the planet’s ecosystem by ignoring it."

Peter C. Whybrow, MD. The Well-Tuned Brain: Neuroscience and the Life Well Lived

The Well-Tuned Brain: Neuroscience and the Life Well Lived is the newest book from Post Carbon Institute’s Culture and Behavior Fellow Peter Whybrow. It offers a fascinating analysis of the disruptive mismatch that has emerged—and what we can do about changing it—between the compelling material opportunity of the consumer society, together with its associated stress and workaholic demands, and who we are as evolved creatures of this planet.

We’re thrilled to share this fascinating and important new book with you. Read an adapted excerpt of the book here
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