Today we shed light on the cast of Flat Earth's upcoming production of Martin McDonagh's The Pillowman
The Pillowman Cast
Meet the Cast of The Pillowman Art and authority come head-to-head this August as Flat Earth Theatre stages its final production of the 2012 season, The Pillowman, at The Factory Theatre in Boston’s historic South End. Written by noted Irish playwright Martin McDonagh, The Pillowman examines the complex relationship between the artist and the state, and ponders the culpability for acts inspired by works of art. 

Cameron Beaty Gosselin and Chris ChiampaHaving just appeared as Trog in Fresh Ink Theatre's Trog and Clay: An Imagined History of the Electric Chair, Cameron Beaty Gosselin takes on the role of storyteller Katurian.  Cameron additionally and appropriately serves as the production's violence designer; his background in stage combat and fight choreography will lend an air of authenticity to Katurian's torment at the hands of torturers.

Recently seen in Wax Wings Productions's The Last Days of Judas Iscariot, Juliet Bowler boasts a range of talents including improv, voice artistry, and an extensive background in film and theatrical acting.  Portraying detective Tupolski, Juliet finds ways to reveal subdued methods for intimidation coupled with a dry sense of humor.

Juliet Bowler and James BocockJames Bocock balances Juliet's good cop with his portrayal of Ariel, the quick-tempered, terrifying interrogator with a black-and-white sense of morality.  James touts several Bad Habits Productions credits, including And Neither Have I Wings to Fly and Quills.

Recently Chris Chiampa has appeared in, an audience-interactive corporate parody, directed by and costarring The Pillowman's Juliet Bowler.  He takes on the challenging role of Katurian's slow-witted brother Michal, incorporating a childlike innocence with a history of trauma.

Production Information
In the confines of an interrogation room in a totalitarian regime, writer Katurian bears his responsibility to storytelling under the threat of pain and sacrifice. A resemblance between his most violent modern fairy tales—those depicting mutilation and murder of children—and several horrific crimes under investigation casts suspicion on Katurian and his childlike brother Michal. With the police prepared to go to any lengths necessary to solve the case, the brothers are forced to relive the traumatic events of their upbringing through the lens of Katurian’s writings.

Poster Image by Nathan KrubackPlaywright McDonagh is best known as the writer and director of the acclaimed film In Bruges, and has authored several noteworthy plays including A Beheading in Spokane, The Lieutenant of Inishmore, and the Tony Award–winning black comedy, The Beauty Queen of Leenane. The Pillowman was awarded the Laurence Olivier Award for Best New Play in 2004, and received a 2005 Tony Award nomination for Best Play. With Flat Earth’s production, director Sarah Gazdowicz embarks on a bold new examination of McDonagh’s work, employing multimedia techniques to explore this dark meditation on the opposing roles of artist and authority. She is joined by puppetmaster Matthew Woellert, whose visual storytelling illuminates the human core of McDonagh's unflinching black comedy, and gives life to Katurian's microcosmic stories of abuse and imagination.

The Pillowman is to be presented August 10th-18th at The Factory Theatre, 791 Tremont St, Boston. Tickets and more information can be found at

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