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Ed Martin to Take On Obama’s Lawyer Chris Koster:
Martin Seeks to Stop ObamaCare and
Take on Corruption


(St. Louis) – January 26, 2012 – Ed Martin today announced he will ask Missourians to support him as the state’s next Attorney General. Martin, a respected Missouri attorney, said he wants to restore the Attorney General's office to one that respects the rule of law and represents a check on state government, not a checkmark for liberal politics and policies like ObamaCare.  Martin said current Attorney General Chris Koster has acted as President Obama's lawyer, not the people's Attorney General.

“Over the past three years, I’ve watched President Obama and the federal government impose their will on we the people of Missouri beginning with ObamaCare,” said Martin.  “We Missourians voted to stop ObamaCare, yet Attorney General Koster recently stated publicly that, ‘the act of the Legislature to create the exchange is not compelling a person, employer or healthcare provider to participate in a health exchange’ (Kansas City Business Journal).  However, once the exchanges are set up, the government can penalize those who choose not to purchase health care.  In addition, Koster has failed to lead on issues affecting both our state and nation like job creation, illegal immigration, and voter fraud.”

All across the country, Attorneys General like Alan Wilson of South Carolina and Tom Horne of Arizona are fighting for their citizens and the future of their states.  AG Wilson has refused to stand by as the NLRB has tried to strip South Carolina of jobs it so desperately needs, and AG Horne has not backed down from Janet Napolitano and her view of how Arizona should protect its borders.

Chris Koster’s complacency while troubling pales in comparison to the “pay to play” mentality of him and his corrupt office.  Koster has filled his campaign coffers to the brim with contributions from law firms competing to work on major lawsuits that State lawyers don’t handle.  In the case of Avandia, a drug distributed by London-based GlaxoSmithKline, Koster’s campaign received over $182,000 in contributions from firms seeking to work the case.  This behavior is no different than the despicable practices of the Obama Administration and its tax breaks and giveaways for big donors like Solyndra executives who got $535 million in loan guarantees from the government before going bankrupt and being raided by the FBI.

It is time to start dismantling the Obama Organization starting with his lawyers like Chris Koster.  The citizens of Missouri deserve an Attorney General that is dedicated to fighting for their causes and not using his office to get himself and his friends wealthy.

Ed Martin is a graduate of St. Louis University Law School and completed a one-year judicial internship with the Honorable Pasco M. Bowman II of the Federal Court of Appeals in the Eighth Circuit.  He is an accomplished attorney with experience in taking on corrupt politicians like his successful suit against disgraced former Governor Rod Blagojevich.  Ed closed down the ACORN office in the city of St. Louis while serving as the Chairman of the Board of Elections and even took on the state of Missouri to make sure taxpayer dollars were not used to fund abortions.  Most recently, Ed has begun the STOP MOBAMCARE initiative by starting a petition on stopmobamacare.com to gain support against the implementation of Obamacare in Missouri through the opening of healthcare exchanges. 

Ed currently resides in St. Louis with his wife Carol and their three children.

Statements on Ed Martin’s Campaign
for Attorney General of Missouri

Matt Blunt, former Missouri Governor:

"Missourians need an Attorney General who will respect our state's constitution, ensure that politics never overshadow the rule of law and stand up for our shared Missouri values.  Ed Martin will bring these qualities combined with tremendous integrity and an unmatched work ethic to the Attorney General's office.  It is a pleasure to support Ed Martin and to endorse his campaign to be Missouri's next Attorney General."

US Senator Roy Blunt:

“I’ve had the chance to work with Ed over the course of many years, and during that time, I’ve always been impressed by his unwavering commitment to smaller government and fiscal responsibility. Those values are especially important today, as our state and our nation continue to struggle to jumpstart private sector job creation and rein in out-of-control government spending. I believe Ed Martin represents the kind of fiscally conservative leader who we need in Missouri, and that’s why I’m proud to endorse his candidacy for Attorney General.”

Jim Talent, former US Senator:

"Ed Martin will be a superb Attorney General for Missouri.  Ed has the integrity, energy and judgment to serve our state well as its chief legal officer.  I enthusiastically support Ed Martin's campaign and am encouraging Missourians to join me in helping elect an Attorney General who will serve their interests, not the political interests."

Congresswoman Jo Ann Emerson:

"Ed Martin will be a great Attorney General for our state.  He is smart, energetic and relentless -- all great qualities to have in an AG.  I wish him all the best of luck as he aspires to serve Missourians."

Phyllis Schlafly, President and Founder of Eagle Forum:

"Ed Martin is an energetic and fearless advocate who will be exactly what Missourians need as our Attorney General.  Ed stands on rock-solid principles of our American founding values, not on the shifting politics of power and advancement."   

Gene McNary, former President of Missouri Prosecutors Association and St. Louis County Prosecutor:

"Ed is an excellent lawyer, a hard worker, and knows how to run an office.  He would be an excellent Attorney General."

Clint Bolick, Director of the Goldwater Institute’s Scharf-Norton Center for Constitutional Litigation:

“Having known and worked with Ed Martin for many years, I can say he is a sharp attorney with the skills and vision to be an effective Missouri Attorney General and one of the best in the nation.” Clarence Dula, former Democratic Secretary for the St. Louis Election Board: "As Democrat secretary of the Board of Elections, I was proud to work with Ed to make our elections and the election process better, more secure, and more accessible to all citizens. Ed has the reliability and understanding for the job. Ed Martin is also a valiant advocate for the causes he takes up."

Bill Hennessey, President of the St. Louis Tea Party

"Ed Martin Jr. of St. Louis has redirected his fire to the Attorney General race, and 
          this is great news for everyone except Chris Koster."

Dick Heller, winner of the landmark 2nd Amendment US Supreme Court Case District of Columbia v. Heller:

“Firearms Freedom, that's keeping the federal government out of Missouri intra-state firearm activity, is the next 2nd Amendment frontier.  No one has a better grasp on this than Ed Martin and that's why Missourian's deserve an Attorney General like Ed."

Colonel Frederick Berry, United State Army (Retired):

“One can't be anything but ecstatic about the announcement that Ed Martin is running for State Attorney General. He has all the tools to make a great AG--smart, experienced, aggressive, strategically savvy, and constitutionally astute. This state has been too loosely run for too long by AG's who cared more about politics and pie-eyed polemics than the rule of law or the sovereignty of the people. What a great asset he will be for the people of Missouri. Let's all get behind him and make it happen! I've known and worked with Ed long enough to know that we won't find him wanting in any respect.”

Mark and Mindy Patterson, residents of Wildwood, MO and Principals of the Calvary Group LLC:

“Our country stands at the crossroads of choosing freedom or an alternative that may change our great country forever.  As a result, a state's ability to protect itself and its citizens takes on new importance like never before.  Accordingly, it is with great enthusiasm and humility that we offer our endorsement of Ed Martin as the next Attorney General for the great State of Missouri.  Ed's firm commitment to the Constitution of the United States and to the laws of Missouri make him uniquely qualified to lead our state in this very important position.  It is our honor and privilege to offer our support for Ed Martin as the next Attorney General for Missouri.”

Ed Emery- Executive Director of Missouri Fair Tax Organization:

"I am pleased that Ed Martin is running for Missouri Attorney General. Ed knows the constitution and is committed to the rule of law; he knows we have a government of laws, not men.  Ed’s record proves his passion for justice and individual liberty. We need his experience and principled character in the Attorney General’s office."

Cliff Luber- President of the Lake Area Conservative Club:

"The Lake Area Conservative Club is proud to endorse Ed Martin for Attorney General of the great State Of Missouri. Our citizens are deserving of an Attorney General who truly represents the interests of Missourians.  71% voted in favor of Proposition C and was a clear message to the federal government that we reject President Obama's national healthcare mandate in Missouri. Attorney General Koster refused to listen to "We The People" and file suit, along with many other states, on behalf of its citizens, against Obamacare.  We resoundingly applaud Ed Martin's decision to serve our state in this capacity and will work to see him elected as our next Attorney General."

Full List of Endorsements

Governor Matt Blunt
Senator Roy Blunt
Former Senator Jim Talent
Congressman Todd Akin
Congresswoman JoAnn Emerson
Congressman Sam Graves
Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler
Congressman Billy Long
Congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer
Katherine Hanaway
   former Speaker of the House
   and US Attorney Eastern District (MO)
Todd Graves
   former US Attorney Western District
Senator Rob Mayer
  President Pro Tem
Senator Tom Dempsey
  Majority Leader
Senator Kevin Engler
Senator Mike Kehoe
Senator Brad Lager
Senator John Lamping
Senator Jim Lembke
Senator Brian Nieves
Senator Ron Richard
Senator LuAnn Ridgeway
Senator Scott Rupp
Senator Rob Schaaf
Rep. Steve Tilley
  Speaker of the House
Rep. Shane Shoeller
  Speaker Pro Tem
Rep. Tim Jones
  Majority Leader
Rep. Jeannie Riddle
  Asst. Majority Floor Leader
Rep. Jason Smith
  Majority Whip
Rep. Shelley Keeney
  Majority Caucus Leader
Rep. Sue Allen
   Majority Caucus Secretary
Rep. John Diel
  Chairman of the Rules Committee

Sharon Barnes
  St. Louis Republican Central
   Committee Chair
Frederick Berry
   Colonel, United States Army (Ret.)
Clint Bolick
  Director of the Goldwater Institute’s   Scharf-Norton Center for
  Constitutional Litigation
Ron Calzone
   Director of Missouri First
Ruth Carlson
   Executive Director of Eagle Forum
David Cole
   Chairman of The Missouri
   Republican Party
James Coyne
   President of Mid Mo. Patriots
Clarence Dula,
   Former Democratic Secretary
   for the St. Louis Election Board
Bev Ehlen
   President of Concerned
   Women for America
Ed Emery
  Executive Director of Missouri Fair Tax
Joe Frank
   Former Head of Missouri
   American Legion
Bill Hennessey
   President of the St. Louis Tea Party
Ken Horton
   Jefferson County Tea Party President
Jaret Jenson
   Cass County Young Republican
Eddy Jusitice
   8th District Congressional Chair
David Limbaugh
   Conservative Columnist
Cliff Luber  
   President of the Lake Area Conservative
Dr. Scott Magill
   Former President of
   Missouri Republican Assembly
Mark and Mindy Patterson -
   Wildwood, MO residents and
   Principals of the Calvary Group LLC
Linda Ragsdale -
   Missouri Young Republicans Chair
Phyllis Schlafly
   President and Founder of Eagle Forum
Lloyd Smith
   Executive Director of the
   Missouri Republican Party
John Wiemann
   President of National Pachyderm Club

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