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February 11, 2020

Top Money in Politics News

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PETE BUTTIGIEG’S POLICY DIRECTOR HAS BEEN TRAVELING THE COUNTRY FOR MONTHS TO MEET WITH “INVESTORS” IN HIS CAMPAIGN (The Intercept) “THE PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN of former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg has taken the unusual step of sending its national policy director, Sonal Shah, on the road. For the past several months, she has been headlining high-dollar fundraisers across the country, according to a slew of invitations obtained from a variety of sources. 

It’s common for campaigns that rely on wealthy donors to lean on surrogates and senior officials to buttress their fundraising operations, but sending the aide in charge of crafting policy on a tour of American mansions is an unusual approach and wipes out the line between policymaking and solicitation of campaign contributions. Almost all of the invitations typically tout the role of Shah, a veteran of both Google and Goldman Sachs, as the campaign’s national policy director.”

Also see: Lax enforcement of campaign finance laws hurts voters [Editorial] (Houston Chronicle) “What if you passed a law and nobody cared? That’s where the Texas Ethics Commission finds itself, tasked with ensuring transparency in elections by requiring financial disclosures from campaigns, but left to fend for itself by state officials unwilling to enforce accountability.”


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RT Common Cause Texas "Having a toothless commission is already damaging to Texas voters. The state’s failure to enforce the laws that are on the books only adds insult to injury."

Exactly. Texas' campaign finance system is completely broken and in need of a complete overhaul | facebook | twitter

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