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Limited Edition Soaps

This month we have two new limited edition goat milk soaps available - Chocolate and OMH Shampoo. There are still some limited edition soaps from previous months available. These include Anise Orange Scrubby, Hazelnut, Mimosa Mandarin, and Nag Champa.  Limited Edition soaps are available while supplies last.

Nag Champa
Goat Milk Soap

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Goat Milk Soap
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OMH Shampoo
Goat Milk Soap
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Remember - If there is a limited edition soap that we don't currently have available, you can have it made as a custom batch.

Kidding Season

We're getting ready to start Kidding Season, which means we're going to have lots and lots of baby goats being born (we have about 80 pregnant goats and are expecting approximately 140 babies!) There are a few ways you can get involved in the action:
  • Send us towels. If you're local and have any old towels or flat sheets (any size), we will happily take them off your hands. We use between ten and twenty towels with every birth on the farm, and my barn crew says we don't have quite enough right now. 
  • Schedule a Farm Tour or a Baby Goat Experience for March. While we're not doing tours and baby goat experiences in February (because all hands are needed to deliver and care for baby goats), we'd love to see you on the farm when it gets a bit warmer out.
  • Schedule a Kidding Experience for February. This is something new we're trying, and it involves spending three hours in the barn with us, assisting with any births that may happen, feeding babies, drying off newborns, and snuggling with them. You can find more information about the age limit, pricing, clothing requirements, and more at our Kidding Experience page. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.
  • Bring home your own baby goats. If you've ever considered buying a goat or two, we'd love to send some of ours to live with you. You can find more information about our pricing and what babies we'll have available on our Alpine Goats For Sale page.  This page gets updated throughout our kidding season.
And as always, follow us on our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for all the baby goat pictures your heart could desire! We use hashtag #gmskids to chronicle our kidding experience each year.  We also update our Kidding Schedule page with the record of the births.

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! Goat Milk Stuff makes a wonderful gift for the special people in your life.  We have sugary options like goat milk caramels, chocolate covered caramels, and toffee.  We also have non-sugary treats like chocolate goat milk soap, chocolate lotion sticks, or chocolate lip balms.

Orders placed by Midnight on Wednesday, February 8th, are guaranteed to ship out on Thursday, February 9th.  If the post office does its job properly, orders will arrive by Monday, February 13th.  Since most people are within 2 days of us, orders that are placed on Friday will likely arrive on time as well.

Our Newsletter Special for the month of January are Valentine's Day gift packs we've put together.  See below for more details.

Free Shipping

Going forward into 2017, as long as we are able, we will continue to offer Free Shipping on all orders over $15.

When we began offering the "Free Shipping at $15" in 2016, we received two types of emails.

Many people were thrilled because they are on limited budgets and can only afford our quality products when free shipping is offered.  

Others recognized that shipping is a real cost to small businesses like Goat Milk Stuff.  They are concerned about our sustainability with offering free shipping at such low minimums. Many in this group have the room in their budgets and the desire to pay for shipping.

After much prayer, we decided to make options available to each group! 

The website will automatically give free shipping to all orders over $15.  This is the default option.

You are under no obligation to do so, but if you would like to pay for a portion of your shipping, you may do so at this link: "Optional Shipping".  The cost of this "item" is $1.  You can simply enter the quantity to represent how many dollars you would like to pay toward shipping.  

For example, if you would like to pay $5 towards shipping, just select a quantity of 5 and add it to your cart.

In order to find this "Optional Shipping" item on the website, just click on the top of the website where it says "Quick Order" and then scroll to the bottom where it says "Optional Shipping".

Whether you pay the optional shipping or not, you will still get the same great, fast customer service and shipping!

Winter Operations

During January and February, the coldest months of winter, Goat Milk Stuff is on winter operations which means the following:
  • The internet will be functioning the same as always, with us promptly shipping out your orders 6 days a week.
  • The Sweet Shop is closed and will reopen some time in March (we will notify you of the exact date in the March newsletter).
  • The Farm Store will be open Monday - Friday from 8am to 5pm and Saturdays from 8am to 4pm.
  • There is still cheese, fudge, caramel, and chocolate covered caramel available in the Farm Store and online, and there will be fluid milk available approximately a week after the goats start having their kids.
  • There are no Tours or Baby Goat Experiences during January or February. These will resume in March, so schedule yours now!
Thanks for your understanding.  We spent most of January recuperating from the busy holiday season and prepping for kidding season, which lasts during all of February and into March. We are expecting about 140 baby goats this year, and all those additional tasks require some shifting of our resources.
February Giveaway

This month we're giving away a $25 Goat Milk Stuff gift certificate! You can find the entry widget on the Goat Milk Stuff blog.

Since you're already signed up for the newsletter, all you have to do to get your first entry is put the email address that you used to subscribe to this newsletter in the widget. It's that easy! For extra entries, you can follow us on various social media sites or answer a question. Just make sure you go through the widget, so your entries are counted. Good luck!

Congratulations to Christa Zellar who won the January giveaway!  

Newsletter Special

The newsletter special for February are half-priced Valentine's Day Gift Packs.

The Red Valentine's Day Gift Pack contains 1 bar of Chocolate Goat Milk Soap, 1 Chocolate Lotion Stick, and 3 Chocolate Goat Milk Caramels.

The White Valentine's Day Gift Pack contains 1 bar of Chocolate Goat Milk Soap, 1 Chocolate Lotion Stick, and 1 Chocolate Lip Balm. 

These are available for $10 (originally $20) while supplies last.  There is a limit of 5 of each type of gift pack per customer.

Homestead Happenings

In January, the Jonases took off for a little while and went down to sunny Florida. The goats keep us going 24/7 in February and March, so we like to get off the farm between the Holiday season and Kidding Season. We went down to Florida and spent time with lots of different cousins, including some that the Jonas kids had never met. It was great to catch up with everyone! 

Then we went back up to Orlando to hang out at Disney World with Grandma and Poppy. They work at Disney World, so they get some pretty great discounts on passes and hotel rooms, and we get the vacation of a lifetime for a fraction of the cost. Which is pretty great when you have ten people in your family!

After enjoying the sunshine, it was hard to come back home to the cold and cloudy days, but we managed to be pretty productive! We did a major fencing project in January, and the goats now have several new pastures and pens in the woods, which they are thoroughly enjoying. 

Our woods are in pretty rough shape.  We lost over 20 ash trees to Emerald Ash borers.  As well as a huge red oak to Red Oak Borers.  There are also tons of dead (and down) trees we inherited when we purchased the farm.  Not to mention the fact that the goats love to devour those we haven't fenced off. Jim prefers doing tree work in the cold instead of the poison ivy and underbrush, so he stays pretty busy all winter.


The greenhouse has been a wonderful source of fresh greens for us all winter.  We're absolutely loving it.  And the rabbits are really enjoying all the radishes we've grown in the greenhouse just for them.

We've also decided to start a new herb garden.  Step number one was to have Greyden and Hewitt put up a temporary fence to lock the chickens into that area.  They will scratch up the ground and fertilize it.  They'll also weaken or kill the grass which will make it easier for us to plant.

We're also enjoying the break to make lots of good homemade meals.  We made over 50 pounds of venison sausage, we've canned dry beans, we've made homemade hummus.  But mostly we've been on a sourdough frenzy - we've made sourdough pita, tortillas, pancakes, biscuits, bread, fettuccine, and ravioli.  My carb loving family has been in heaven (I try to only feed them sourdough bread products because it's healthier for us).

The goats themselves are growing huge. It's always fun to look at a doe and guess if she's got a single, twins, triplets, or even quads - though we've only ever had quads three times in our ten years of farming.

You'd think we'd be pretty good at guessing how many kids they're having, but pregnant goat bellies are pretty tricky. LOL

We're expecting around 140 babies this year, based on a few equations, and we're excited to see how well we guessed! The goats, on the other hand, just want to get their babies out into the world.

The babies should be arriving any day now! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to see up-to-date pictures and our baby goat count.

We appreciate your prayers for healthy babies, mamas, and sufficient sleep for the Jonases!

As always, we thank you so much for all of your support of our family and our business!  

The Jonas Family

Jim, PJ, Brett, Colter, Emery, Fletcher, Greyden, Hewitt, Indigo, and Jade

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