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Thanks for taking the time to keep up with Goat Milk Stuff!  Here's what is new this May…

Gardenia Soap

The limited edition soap for this month is Gardenia.  It is lightly scented and smells just like gardenia flowers.

We also have this scent available in our Mother's Day pack (details below).

Marinated Feta

We are very excited to announce we have our Feta Cheese now also available as Marinated Feta! It is available in Garden, Garlic, Herbs de Provence, Jalapeno, and Sun-dried Tomato flavors.

We regularly eat this marinated feta on sourdough baguettes for our lunch, but it's also great on salads, pasta, or chicken.


You can now enjoy your favorite GMS scent with Perfume! This is Brett's brain-child as it is a product that she developed for herself years ago.  It is regularly available in Black Raspberry, Honeysuckle, Lilac, Luv Spell, Ocean, Oatmeal Milk & Honey, Pink Sugary, and our men's "cologne" scent, Sandalwood.  

We will also periodically make custom perfume scents available throughout the year.

Happy Mother's Day!

We want to wish everyone a wonderful upcoming Mother's Day.  We have a great gift option just for Moms that contains a bar of goat milk soap (gardenia or daffodil) and a lotion stick in the matching scent.  These are half price from now until Mother's Day and they're a great way to tell the special Moms in your life how much you appreciate them. 

A few years ago, the children worked hard to put together a Mother's Day video for me. The beginning starts off a little off-key, but it greatly improves as they get into the song. And it's always amazing to see how much they've grown up and changed in just 5 years!

Mother's Day Shipping

Mother's Day falls on May 8th this year.  Orders placed by midnight on Tuesday 5/3/16 are guaranteed to ship out on Wednesday 5/4/16. If the post office does its part, your order will arrive by the Saturday (5/7/16) before Mother's Day. 

Farm Tours

Tours of the farm continue to be very popular.  So popular, that we have increased the number of tours we offer.  Tours are now available Monday - Saturday at 10 am and 1 pm.  Scheduled tours cost $12 per person (and you get a free bar of soap).

Baby Goat Experience

For most people, their favorite part of the farm tour is seeing the goats.  If you'd like to spend more time with the goats than is allotted for the farm tour, you can now spend an hour in the baby goat pen.  We have more information and you can schedule your event at the Baby Goat Experience link. 

May Giveaway

Giveaways are back for 2016! This month we're giving away 25 of our goat milk caramels (you can choose either sea salt or chocolate). You can find the entry widget on the Goat Milk Stuff blog.

Since you're already signed up for the newsletter, all you have to do to get your first entry is put the email address that you used to subscribe to this newsletter in the widget. It's that easy! For extra entries, you can follow us on various social media sites or answer a question. Just make sure you go through the widget, so your entries are counted. Good luck!

Congratulations to Vickey Uhl who won the April contest and a $25 gift certificate.  

Last Baby Goat of the Season!

The majority of our baby goats are born in February, with the minority waiting until March.  This year, we had one doe who got bred really late.  She finally surprised us with a single doeling - on Emery's birthday!  

Meet Paris - the last of the 2016 goat kids.  I have a feeling she's going to be rather spoiled!

Newsletter Special

This month's newsletter special is half price Mother's Day gift packs.  You can choose between Daffodil and Gardenia while supplies last.

Milk Barn

We are really close to switching over to machine milking.  It's not finished yet, but it won't be much longer.  We'll be able to milk 16 goats at a time...

while people are watching...

And then all the milk will go into a bulk holding tank...

We're working on staining the board fence...

The building is nice and close to the barn so it is a very convenient location for milking...

This will be a huge change for us.  Right now 5 people are hand milking 64 goats in 2 - 2.5 hours.  Supposedly, once all of the goats are trained to the new system, one person should be able to milk that many in under an hour.  That doesn't count cleanup time, which should also be reduced.  To say we're excited is something of an under-statement!

Homestead Happening

April is major gardening season around here.  We are trying some of the strawberries in a new location...

Our kiwi vines look great and we're hoping we may actually get some kiwi fruit soon...

The blackberries got moved to a new location and the entire area covered in mulch (although we still need to put more down)...

The brussel sprouts that we over-wintered in the greenhouse have been moved back to the garden...

And new cabbage planted...

And lots of broccoli and cauliflower...

We also celebrated both Jim and Emery's birthdays in April (although I'm only including Emery's photos).  Emery decided that instead of breakfast birthday cake, he wanted donuts this year.  Since you only turn 16 once, we decided to indulge him!

And of course, April meant that the baby goats were growing bigger!

Goat Milk Stuff Videos

And if you didn't catch them, we put together quite a few videos for you to enjoy!

We thank you so much for all of your support of our family and our business!

The Jonas Family
Jim, PJ, Brett, Colter, Emery, Fletcher, Greyden, Hewitt, Indigo, and Jade

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