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Thanks for taking the time to keep up with Goat Milk Stuff!  We're super excited to announce that the newsletter special is a trial pack of our goat milk caramels (please follow the directions at the end of the newsletter to find out how to receive them).

Here's what is new this July…

Limited Edition Soaps

The limited edition soap scents for this month are Activated Bamboo Charcoal, Anise Orange Scrubby, Mimosa Mandarin, and Pineapple.  

The activated charcoal soap is a new soap we've never offered before.  We had many requests to add activated bamboo charcoal to our goat milk soap and we finally tested it and are now making it available.  It is an unscented soap and the charcoal does produce a grey lather, but everyone who has tried it really likes it. 

We also have limited quantities of ConfettiCranberry, Destinations, Lime, and Red Clover Tea available while supplies last.  

Goat Milk Caramel Candies

Our Goat Milk Caramels are now available on the website! We have 3 flavors currently available: Chocolate, Cinnamon, and Sea Salt. Each piece is individually wrapped and comes in a plastic bag. You can purchase them in a variety of quantities; there is also an option to get them with an ice pack if you are concerned about heat during shipping.  We have been shipping the caramels around the country without an ice pack and so far they haven't melted.  If they are very soft when they arrive, you can pop them in the fridge for a little while, but don't store them in the fridge.  

We hope you love these caramels as much as we do! If you have a moment, please take this short survey to let us know how they handled shipping and what you think of them. 

New Website Homepage

Our website has received some updates to the homepage including a Food button, and a larger slide show. We hope the changes help you navigate the site better!

Fourth of July 

The Fourth of July is not only a national holiday, it's also Jade's birthday!  The Scottsburg retail room will be closed all day on Saturday, 4th of July, and the USPS doesn't ship packages on that day.  We hope you have a wonderful and safe holiday as we celebrate the birth of our nation (and Jade's birth too!)

Facebook Fans

I've gotten several emails from people who are upset that Goat Milk Stuff is not showing up in their Facebook feeds.  You can increase the likelihood of receiving our updates and specials by making a simple FB change.

1. Visit the  GMS Facebook page (http://facebook.com/goatmilkstuff)
2. Make sure that you have the "Like" Button for the page clicked (just under the family photo)
3. Hover over the "like" button, and click "get notifications".

Hopefully you can see it in this photo (although it's a bit small).  If you have trouble, just let us know and we'll be glad to help.

Reward Points

We are discontinuing our reward point program because it has become too complex, not enough people take advantage of it (less than 10%), and many customers have difficulty understanding how to use the reward points.  Discontinuing reward points will allow us to move to a simpler system of offering across the board discounts, which more of our customers understand and can successfully use.   We have not raised our soap prices since January 2011 and we do not wish to raise them.  So we're trying to move to a system that everyone can use that allows us to offer discounts without raising prices.  We can't keep prices where they are and continue to offer "double discounts" that come with having the reward points in place.  

Reward points will stop being earned on July 15, 2015.  The last day to redeem points will be September 15, 2015.  

As we grow and start offering food products, we need to streamline our website for all the products - not just our soap. Thanks for understanding!

The Goat Milk Stuff Blog
You can learn about the Jonas family, the things we say, the farm, the goats, and our products on our blog.  Here are some of the latest blog posts:  
Homestead Happenings

We have two barn cats (Jason and Jim Bob) that help reduce the mouse population.  Since we are expanding into food with a new building, we thought we should increase our cat population, just to be safe. So with that said, meet John Boy!

He’s about 8 weeks old now, and absolutely adorable to watch! We’ve only had him a couple weeks, and everyone in the family has fallen in love with him. 

But then last week, when Kirk & Connie from Oregon stopped in at Goat Milk Stuff, they discovered a stowaway. Coming from their engine was the sound of a kitten crying.  After a lot of pushing and pulling (and trying not to get burned by the hot engine), Colter and Jesse removed a young, terrified, black and white kitten from under the hood. (And no, she hadn't come from Oregon, they had spent the night nearby at a relative's house).

She was scared and had a few cuts, and had obviously arrived at her new home - there was no way Brett was letting her go. Meet Mary Ellen!

Mary Ellen spent the first few days hissing at John Boy.  But now they're good friends and the two of them are having loads of fun in the hay loft which is their home base. 

Oh, and the goats are doing well too!  

Newsletter Special

The newsletter special for this month is one free Goat Milk Caramel Candy Trial Pack with a minimum $30 purchase. 

To receive the free caramels, add the caramels to your cart.  You MUST add it from one of these links.  You can't find the newsletter special on the website.

Free Goat Milk Caramel Candy Trial Pack (if you are already logged in to your GMS account)
Free Goat Milk Caramel Candy Trial Pack (if you are not yet registered or logged in to your GMS account)

When you reach $30, the website will automatically give you the candy for free (but only if you chose it from the above link).

We thank you so much for all of your support of our family and our business!

The Jonas Family
Jim, PJ, Brett, Colter, Emery, Fletcher, Greyden, Hewitt, Indigo, and Jade

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