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Thanks for taking the time to keep up with Goat Milk Stuff!  The newsletter special for this month is a free lip balm  (details are at the end of the newsletter).  

Here's what's new this January…

Limited Edition Soaps

The limited editions soaps for January are Chocolate, Perfume CounterAnise Orange Scrubby and Hazelnut Scrubby.  Both Anise Orange and Hazelnut have coffee grounds added for extra scrubbiness.

Limited Edition Lip Balm

We still have chocolate peppermint lip balms left as the limited edition lip balm for this month.

Buy 9 Purity Soaps, Get One Free

For the month of January, you can purchase 9 bars of purity and get one free.  In order to receive the free bar, you need to purchase it from this link only (do not purchase 10 individual full bars).  This is a hidden link and can only be found in this newsletter, it can't be found on the website.
Buy 9 Purity Full Bars, Get 1 Free (if you are already logged into the GMS website)
Buy 9 Purity Full Bars, Get 1 Free (if you are NOT already logged into the GMS website)

10 Bar Shipping

I wanted to remind everyone that the best price break for shipping soap is at 10 bars.  We can ship up to 10 bars anywhere in the United States in a flat rate padded priority envelope for $7.25.  You can find the detailed shipping information on the website.

The Banner

We are no longer including a copy of our catalog - "The Banner" - with every order.  If you would like to receive a copy with your order, just add a Banner to your cart or leave us a customer note asking for one.  If you have already received a copy, we would appreciate it if you would take a moment and provide us some feedback.  Just go to The Banner's page on our website and scroll toward the bottom.  If you are logged in, the page will say "Add your review here".  If you don't see that, just be sure to login to your GMS account.  We're hoping to put out another edition of the Banner mid to late 2015 and would really love your feedback. 

January Retail Room Hours

We offered extended holiday hours during the Fall of 2014.  We have decided to keep these hours for the month of January and then re-evaluate.  If you are local and visit the retail room, please let us know how important the Wednesday evening hours are to you. 

January hours will be Monday-Friday 8am-4pm, Wednesday 8am - 7pm, Saturday 8am-2pm.

The Goat Milk Stuff Blog

Our blog has a completely new look and layout.  We love it here because it makes sharing what goes on at Goat Milk Stuff a lot easier - if you would like to see some photos of our lives and hear some of what gets said around here, please check the blog out! 

We have a blog series where we answer some of the questions we are frequently asked. You can enjoy reading our responses and also ask a question of your own.  Here are a few questions from this month:

Hang 10

Learn more about our family and our lives through our Hang 10 video series (we call it "Hang 10" because there are 10 of us).  They are released on a weekly basis on Wednesdays on our Youtube channel

Homestead Happenings

December was a wonderful month for us.  Not only did we get to celebrate Christmas and the birth of Jesus, but we got to celebrate both Greyden's and Brett's birthdays as well.

Greyden's birthday comes first.

Followed 2 days later by Brett's birthday.

Brett is now 18 and I can't believe she's all "grown up".  She and Colter are continuing to take classes at our local community college.  They're trying to get all the requirements taken care of as they consider all their options for a four-year degree.

Out in the barn, the goats are advancing in their pregnancies and some of them are starting to look quite large!  

We never got pregnancy tests done this year, so we're guessing as to who is pregnant and due which month.  Our earliest possible due date is January 31st.  Goats can deliver within a 10 day window (plus or minus 5 days from their due date).  So baby goats will be here before we know it!

It hasn't been super cold here in Southern Indiana, but it has been so dreary.  We've only seen the sun a few times and it is amazing how much we all miss it!  
Newsletter Special
The newsletter special for this month is a free lip balm with a $15 minimum order (just one lip balm per order).  

Free Lip Balm (if you are already logged in to your GMS account)
Free Lip Balm (if you are not yet registered or logged in to your GMS account)

If you order more than one of these free lip balms we will only include one.  If you do not meet the $15 order minimum, we will not include the lip balm in your order.  So please order carefully.

We thank you so much for all of your support of our family and our business!  We pray that you have a safe and wonderful New Year!

The Jonas Family
Jim, PJ, Brett, Colter, Emery, Fletcher, Greyden, Hewitt, Indigo, and Jade

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