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Here's what is new this September…

Limited Edition Soaps

The limited edition soap scents for this month are Cider PressEvergreenPeach, and Lavender Peppermint.

We also have limited quantities of Anise Orange, Destinations, Lime, Mimosa Mandarin, Pineapple, and Red Clover Tea (some of them at a discount) available while supplies last.  

Activated Bamboo Charcoal Soap

Two months ago we introduced a new soap - activated bamboo charcoal.  It was very popular and sold out quickly.  We've made another batch and it is currently on the curing racks.  It will be available October 1st.

Goat Milk Food Items

Many of you are curious about the progress on our new kitchens.  We're making slow, but steady progress.  Several members of the state Board of Animal Health paid us an official visit recently.  We were very pleased with the progress that was made.  We have a few minor changes to make (such as adding automatic door closers) and then they will be able to come back and certify our dairy as approved to make cheese (we're already approved to make candy ).  Once they've approved the dairy, we just need our pasteurization equipment calibrated by the state and we should get the kitchen approval as well.  

Right now we're trying to figure out how to roll out the cheese once we have our final approval.  We still need to determine packaging and labels that meet the requirements.  We're also unsure of whether we want to introduce cheese for a short time this Fall or wait til the Spring when the goats freshen again.  Remember that we dry off our goats for two months so we don't have lots fresh milk for a two month period.  We make sure to stagger a few goats so we have milk for soap and caramel candy, but we won't have enough to produce a lot of cheese.

We will decide on whether to roll cheese out this Fall or Spring once we receive our permits and see how late in the year it is.  I would love to hear your thoughts about whether you think we should make the cheese available for a limited time in the Fall or just wait til the Spring.  You can leave your feedback here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/39VBG8F

Dealing with the cheese side has kept me from having time to roll out the goat milk fudge. But as soon as I get some free time, fudge is one of my highest priorities. I'm really hoping to have it available by the October 1st newsletter.  I appreciate your patience.  


We're really excited that Facebook has made a change so that you can now see the Goat Milk Stuff Facebook posts in your news feed.  Simply click on the "Liked" button and then choose "See First".  You will then be able to see more of what we post on our Facebook page. 

Reward Points

We wanted to remind you that the last day to redeem reward points is September 15, 2015.  If you have difficulty redeeming them, let us know and we can help you get them used!

The Goat Milk Stuff Blog
You can learn about the Jonas family, the things we say, the farm, the goats, and our products on our blog.  Here are some of the latest blog posts:  
Homestead Happenings

We participated in the American Dairy Goat Association's Linear Appraisal program this month.  An independent appraiser came out and appraised all of our goats.  She looked and measured individual attributes such as their height and rump width.  They received values for individual parts of their bodies such as their shoulders or rear legs.  Then they were given an overall score based on general appearance and mammary system.  Finally they were given an overall number value.

The highest score that can be received by an individual appraiser is a 93.  A 94 can be achieved, but it requires going to a committee.

In the past, the highest score we've achieved was an 87.  We are super excited that this year we received our first 90 with Fantasmic!

Thalia and Valley both received 89s.

And we had many in the 86-88 range.

Linear appraisal takes a lot of work, time, and money.  The boys (primarily Greyden) shave all of the goats prior to appraisal.  The appraisal itself took about 6 hours.

We participate in the program because it helps us to constantly improve our herd.  After our first appraisal (years ago), we learned that our rumps were getting too narrow. This could result in difficult kiddings and not enough room to support larger mammary systems.  We've dramatically improved that in our herd.  

Our next appraisal showed that our chests were getting a little too narrow.  So we've been improving that.

With this appraisal we learned that we need to start to pay more attention to legs and shoulders.

Improving the conformation of our goats helps us breed goats that can support themselves over years of milking.  And better understanding their conformation helps us to choose which kids to keep and which ones to sell based on how we're trying to improve our herd.

Overall it's a great program and we learn so much from it every time we participate!

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The Jonas Family
Jim, PJ, Brett, Colter, Emery, Fletcher, Greyden, Hewitt, Indigo, and Jade

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