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Thanks for taking the time to keep up with Goat Milk Stuff!  Here's what is new this April…

Flavored Chevre Cheese

We are continuing to expand our selection of cheeses. Our fresh goat cheese (chevre) is now available in 10 varieties, including: PlainCaramel, Herbs de Provence, Pumpkin, Sun-dried TomatoDillGardenGarlic, Jalapeño, and our newest, Chocolate.  

If you're not sure which flavor you like the best, we are still running a special on cheese so that you can try multiple flavors.  You can purchase a special 2 Pack, 4 Pack, or 8 Pack of Cheese, where you can mix and match the chevre flavors (and even include some feta).

We currently have a cheese aging space under construction.  Once that is complete, we'll be able to make pressed and aged cheeses.  If all goes well, they will be available in the Fall (since they need to age for several months before being ready to eat!)

Sourdough Bagels

We now have Sourdough Bagels available on the website to go with your cheese! They are available in many flavors including: Everything, Garlic, Onion, Plain, Poppy Seed, Sea Salt, and Sesame Seed. These bagels are made with goat milk whey which contains a lot of important trace minerals.

If you've ever had New York/New Jersey bagels, you'll know how good "real bagels" are.  They're crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside, and have a great flavor.  The Jonas children are probably more excited about our sourdough bagels than they are about our goat milk fudge - THAT'S how good these bagels are!  

Lip Balm Flavors

We recently made custom lip balms available and three of the available flavors were by far the most popular.  We've decided to make these new lip balm flavors permanently available.  The three new flavors are almond, coconut, and lime

Soap Pieces

We have discounted soap pieces available while supplies last.  These sell out very quickly, so please don't delay if you want any.

Patchouli Liquid Soap

We discontinued the Patchouli liquid soap as one of our regularly available liquid soaps (it will still be available as a custom liquid soap).  There are several of them left and they are marked down 25% until they are sold out.   

Mobile Website

We've been working for months on updating our mobile website.  The first round of changes is now live! Please take a look at it - if there is anything you see that doesn't work properly or any additional changes that you would like to see made, please let us know.  We really value your feedback to make our website as user-friendly and easy to use as possible.

Fridays at the Farm

We have started doing Fridays at the Farm again now that kidding season is over.  We've changed the hours from 4pm til 7pm.  Each week has a different theme and we'd love for you to join us!  We're not planning them too far in advance.  Recent ones have been grilled goat cheese sandwiches, bagels and goat cheese, goat milk desserts, and sourdough baguettes with marinated feta.  If you have any ideas, we'd love to hear them.

New Hours

We recently put up two new billboards on Highway 65.  We've had a lot of cars pulling off the highway and we feel badly if they pull off and we're not open.  So we've been staying open til at least 6pm on Mondays through Thursdays (and even later if we're here).  With Fridays at the Farm, we're here on Fridays til 7pm.  And while our official hours on Saturday are until 2pm, if we don't have plans, we stay open late as well.

Farm Tours

Tours of the farm continue to be very popular.  So popular, that we have increased the number of tours we offer.  Tours are now available Monday - Saturday at 10 am and 1 pm.  Scheduled tours cost $12 per person (and you get a free bar of soap).

If you are unable to make the tour at one of those times, we are doing our best to accommodate unscheduled tours. Unscheduled tours cost $20 per person (and you still get a free bar of soap).

Baby Goat Experience

For most people, their favorite part of the farm tour is seeing the goats.  If you'd like to spend more time with the goats than is allotted for the farm tour, you can now spend an hour in the baby goat pen.  We have more information and you can schedule your event at the Baby Goat Experience link. 

April Giveaway

Giveaways are back for 2016! This month we're giving away a $25 gift certificate to be used on our website or in our farm store. You can find the entry widget on the Goat Milk Stuff blog.

Since you're already signed up for the newsletter, all you have to do to get your first entry is put the email address that you used to subscribe to this newsletter in the widget. It's that easy! For extra entries, you can follow us on various social media sites or answer a question. Just make sure you go through the widget, so your entries are counted. Good luck!

Congratulations to Jill Ritz who won the March contest and a $25 gift certificate.  

Newsletter Special

This month's newsletter special is unbagged half bars for $3 each.  These are only available while our supply of unbagged half bars lasts - (we will not unbag half bars that have already been put into bags).   To purchase these, you must click on the unbagged half bar link.  You will not receive the discount if you purchase a regular half bar. 

Homestead Happenings

The baby goats are growing like weeds!  The oldest of them are now turning two months old and weigh over 20 pounds.  

The youngest baby - Hanaya - is less than a week old, but is holding her own against her bigger cousins.

We still have one doe left to kid.  Pandora is the last pregnant goat and she's really milking the attention (pun intended).

The total for the year (not counting Pandora) is: 50 doelings, 64 bucklings, 114 kids total.  (I guessed there would be 120, so I got pretty close). I lost track of how many quads, triplets, twins, and singles there were, but you can see the summary on the kidding page if you want to figure it out for yourself. 

Most of the babies have gone to their new homes.  Right now there are still 38 babies on the farm.  Several of them are still for sale and a few of them are waiting to be picked up by their new families.  Most of the baby goats went to 4H families or small homesteads and are very happy.

Jim took a wonderful photo of the baby goats one morning, and it was too good not to use.  So we turned it into a billboard! We're very pleased with how well it turned out and that many people are seeing it and coming to visit us on the farm.  

The boys are STILL hand milking 63 goats (yes, twice a day).  But the new machine milking building is getting closer and closer to being completed.  Then it's just a matter of training the goats (and the boys) how to use the new system!

We've been posting lots of videos of the baby goats throughout the month.  Here's a whole bunch of them on our YouTube channel if you'd like to watch them.  They're all about 1 minute or less, so the length is short, but the cuteness factor is huge.

It's been a very blustery Spring so far here on the farm.  The garden is off to a slow start.  We've had a few asparagus poke through and some of the seeds (peas, beets, lettuce, kale, carrots) are sprouting, but we're looking forward to some warmer temperatures so it really takes off. Hopefully you're having a nice spring wherever you are!

We thank you so much for all of your support of our family and our business!

The Jonas Family
Jim, PJ, Brett, Colter, Emery, Fletcher, Greyden, Hewitt, Indigo, and Jade

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