We’re in love. Yes, of course with you but now also with four additional people...

These people are the artists-teachers-designers that make up the “Non Fiction Design Collective” and they work like dogs.

Intentionally blurring the line between the hand and the tool, the idea and the object. They feed themselves from the push and pull of addition and subtraction, intent and accident, handmade and mechanization—much of the line including the ingenious reuse and recycling of industrial discards—all designed and produced in Ohio.

We find their philosophies to be very HighStreet. Therefore it is our great thrill to introduce for purchase... the Non Fiction Design Collection:

From the Dada light to art bricks to tumblers (that will blow your mind at only thirty dollars)... there is a way for everyone to be included in this revolution. (They’re going to be huge...)

Buy a piece of contemporary art and design history at HighStreet. Prices starting at fifteen beans.

1401 Reading Road
First Floor. Downtown
Cincinnati Ohio 45202


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