This time of year—everyone could use a bit of warm light in their life.

If that light comes in a cool, clean, masculine package and offers something extra...well, why not?

What if that warm light smelled like Eucalyptus, Evergreen, or Tomato Leaf?

HighStreet is proud to introduce man-friendly designer candles by Paul Robinett of Columbus, Ohio.

Paul is known for his successful candle lines, photography, and video production. His aromatherapy shop in Columbus is a “must-stop.”

His candles are hand-poured with a hand-placed wick in the center “ensuring an even burn.”

At a mere sixteen dollars—they are a steal in the designer candle market (which now runs wildly in the seventy dollar range!).

Stock up now for the season on some flicker and fragrance—they are waiting for you in the Men's Gift area at Highstreet.

Paul Robinett candles are strong enough for women...made for men.

1401 Reading Road
First Floor. Downtown
Cincinnati Ohio 45202


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