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It's October??  Time to plan skiing?

  • Will the border open?  What if it doesn't?

  • Will there be a rush into the backcountry?

  • What has BRC been up to lately?

  • What's still available to book?


Will the border open? What if it doesn't?

My guess?  No, it probably won't open for holidays this season.  

The Canadian government has a record of implementing the advice of its medical advisors, and COVID is running hot in the US, and is at record levels in Ontario and Quebec as well. The pressure to get families together for Christmas is the only possible trigger - but releasing Ontario's thousands of "snowbirds" to travel south to Florida and then get medically evacuated back to Canada isn't going to be a Trojan Horse that is high on the Christmas wish list.  So my guess is that the border, if opened at all, will retain the 14-day quarantine requirement, which doesn't work for holidays.  They'll make the call for December in mid-November.  If nothing happens then, nothing is likely to happen for a while.  I'd love to see rapid-testing implemented at the border as Hawaii has done, but my hopes aren't high that it'll happen fast enough.

American cat-skiers probably won't make it over the border so we cannot in good faith accept any more foreign bookings until that changes.  Half of our high-season bookings are from the US, and we have to organize the schedule and staffing.

For those Americans who have already booked, I'll wait until the mid-November border announcement before billing the remaining 95% of your invoice, but if it were me, I'd carry the 5% forward to next year, and consider other plans.  If the border suddenly reopens, you'll hear from us right away.

We will provide rainchecks in order to reschedule to the next year or two for anyone who needs to cancel due to COVID, but no refunds.

The Backcountry rush?

In Australia, lift ticket numbers were restricted due to COVID this winter, and there were more people than ever purchasing touring skis and touring outside the resorts.  I wouldn't be surprised if something similar happens in some places in North America.  As our local resorts really aren't very busy anyway, there may be less of a need for that here, especially if the border remains closed.  If you are taking up that hobby, please ensure that you get some avalanche training first, and don't rely on that one friend-of-a-friend who seems to know what s/he's doing to tour with.  If you don't know enough to challenge his/her decisions, you shouldn't be out there.
So, BRC will once again be supporting Canadian Avalanche Association level 1 and level 2 courses, including a field day with a snowcat lift up for cat-assisted ski touring.  The classes are in December and January, and are run by Keith Robine and Mike Packham, long time BRC guides.
Click here to read more about AST dates and rates

Guides with saws! New runs, improved ski quality, and cat roads

Yes - that is fresh snow last week!
Mike and Carey and Cody and Judson guide for us in the winter.  This month, they've been busy with their chainsaws, sculpting some new and improved skiing!  After hiking up and down these mountains for the last few weeks, they have even more ideas on the best places to go, and places to avoid, when guiding you this winter!

What's available?



We have plenty of full cats available in January and March - as well as special deals for full-cat rentals for groups of six or more, so it's easier than ever to gather a group, and keep it separated from others.  (You can book a private cat for 6, and then up it to 9 or 10 if you get more takers later)

Additional full cats will probably become available in February as well, as they are currently reserved by US groups.  Let us know if you'd like to express interest in any of those dates, or book another date, and let us know if you'd prefer to switch dates later as things change.

Individual seats are available all season - and standby seats will probably be more available this season than ever before, so book a week at Red, and add cat skiing later, if you want to take your chances on getting cat skiing for as low as $399

Check out the availability calendar and decide when you're likely to get lucky!

Here is Kieren's BRC 2020 edit, again, if you didn't see it last time



Single seats C$615 high season, $523 early season, and. $553 late season

Standby Rate: $100 off the day before, or $50 off a week before.. $399 if you do several last-minute days

Private cat rentals rates on our website

All rates in Canadian dollars,  $4 Crown Land User Fee and 5% GST

Non-private groups will use divided cats with two separate access doors in order to minimize transmission, masks are required in snowcats and buses, and lunch will be eaten outdoors.
Seats available in Advanced, Advanced/Expert, and Expert groups

Check our live Availability Calendar,  
Book Online yourself, send us an an email, or call us at 250-362-2271

Paula & Kieren
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