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Live Action Roleplaying games (LARPs) take everything you love about your favorite RPG and bring it to life through immersive, live-action play. LARPers physically portray their characters by moving around in real space, and often enhance their roleplaying with costumes and props.

LARPs can be small and personal, but are often sprawling experiences created by dozens of players weaving together interconnected story lines in a shared world. Many of these unique experiences can only be found at a convention, so check out these events to join in the immersive fun!
Masque of the Red Death

Masque of the Red Death

While people die from the Red Death plague, Prince Prospero holds a masquerade within his castellated abbey. But attendees will learn that death cannot be avoided in this game of mystery and deception.

Wytches Amoungst Ye

In the harsh winter of 1691, Arkham, Massachusetts, two desperate strangers seek shelter as the fear and hysteria of the witch trials threaten to rip the town apart.

Sentinel Comics LARP

Terror in Megalopolis

Don your cowl and cape to defend the city of Megalopolis! You and your fellow heroes must foil villainous plots, before it's too late! Step into the super-heroic world of Sentinel Comics like never before.

A Lux Splendor Carol

A Lux Splendor Carol

When a noble family gathers to celebrate on the holiest day of the year, their rivalries, jealousies, and farcical misunderstandings threaten to throw the Known Worlds into chaos!

Earl Earl's Big Game Hunt

Earl Earl's Big Game Hunt

The fading suns are the least of the Known World’s problems when Earl Earl Decados, shameful scion of his sinful House, leads a safari on the savage planet Ungavorox!

Mind's Eye Society

Sanguine Retribution

In an attempt to keep pressure from building to a breaking point, the Coeterie of Seven Whispers throw a Midsummer Ball, touted as the social event of the season!

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