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Housing Registration for Gen Con Indy 2021
Is Now Open

Use your My Housing page to access the booking system.

Everyone who purchased one or more badges through their account by midnight Eastern on Friday, June 4 received a slot in the randomized queue for initial access to the housing portal. Randomized access times were sent by email by early yesterday, June 5. You can see your access time on your My Housing Page.

When your access time comes, the link on your My Housing page will activate. Click the button to connect to the booking system. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to make a booking once you've connected to the registration system.

If someone else purchased your badge for you, then the access link will be on their My Housing page and you won't be able to access the booking system through your account.

If you currently have a badge from 2020 but have already requested a rollover to 2022, it may not have been processed yet, as Customer Service is facing a significant backlog of these requests that may take up to a few more weeks to complete. If you received an email with a housing access time even though you have requested a rollover, please disregard it, and Customer Service will be processing your rollover as soon as they can.

Check out the Housing Guide and Hotel List on our website for more information, as well as this step-by-step guide from Q-Rooms.

For questions about your badge or account, email

For questions about the booking system or issues about making your reservation once you've accessed the booking system, contact Q-Rooms at (317) 688-1323 or

Website Updates

New website navigation: We're making some ongoing updates to our website to accommodate our new multiple-convention format and refresh the look and feel of the site. To navigate between conventions, click on one of them from the top level menu, and pages about that convention will appear underneath.

Save the Date: Gen Con Online Event Submission
Opens June 20

Mark those calendars, event submission for Gen Con Online will open on June 20. Stay tuned for more information!

Community Gaming on Discord Today

Community Gaming Day is upon us! Once again our good friends at Start.Playing have brought us a selection of games that you can join our Discord to sign up and play or you can create your own event in our Discord to find players! Here’s what’s on the docket for Saturday:

The Horror Within (D&D 5E): The noble Lady Olivia Leng has enlisted your group of skilled adventurers to enter the Monveau theater to investigate the disaster that followed the premiere of "The Horror Within", Bertrand Guillard's new play. 

A Wild Sheep Chase (D&D 5E):  You've just finished a taxing adventure with your comrades and have settled down for a nice, uneventful meal in the local tavern and you're approached by a frantic sheep that a scroll in its mouth? 

The Secret of Markez (D&D 5E): The Warlock Amand Markez wishes to explore a lost Giant Temple dedicated to the Couatls, great celestials and protectors of the races of Eberron, in search of an artifact that can stop the resurgence of a destructive fiend imprisoned in the underlands of Khyber.

Rightful Resting Place (D&D 5E): News of the king's death has thrown the kingdom into mourning, but stalwart heroes such as you are always in need. Receiving one final royal summons, you are tasked with venturing into the mountains north of the capitol and completing the late king's dying wish.

Coming Up:

Gen Con Indy Housing Registration: June 6
Gen Con Online Event Submission: June 20
Gen Con Indy Badge Rollover Deadline: June 25
Gen Con Online Badge Registration: June 27
Pop-Up Gen Con Badge Registration: June 27
Gen Con 2021: September 16-19
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