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Gen Con 50

Saturday Badges Approaching Sellout

Planning to buy a Saturday badge for Gen Con 50? Get yours soon!

Given the pace of sales, Saturday badges for Gen Con 50 will sell out shortly. While 4-Day badges have already sold out, a limited quantity of single-day badges for all four days remain. You can purchase your badges at

Gen Con will not offer on-site badge sales at Gen Con 50, but 24-hour will call will be available starting at noon on Wednesday, August 16 and staying open throughout the entire convention. 

Get your badges while you can!

Upper Deck to Release Five New Games at Gen Con 50

Gen Con attendees get early access to FIVE brand new game releases from Upper Deck including Shark Island, Dread Draw, Legendary: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and more!

Sign up early to get free demos at Upper Deck’s booth, or sign up for Beginner Games and Win a Box tournaments in the Wabash Ballroom all day, every day.

Space is limited and will sell out. Reserve your spot today at

Become Part of the Problem: Illuminatus Kickstarter Live Now

Who is behind the world’s problems? You are! Join the conspiracy and play Illuminatus, a conspiracy-themed satirical board game for 2-6 semi-cooperative players set in the modern world.

Conspire with other factions until the time is right to strike or just work against them from the outset. The clock is ticking and it won’t be long before the next cataclysmic world event occurs that could ruin everything you have worked so hard for and doom us all.

Things don’t just happen, you as an illuminatus make them happen and all according to your master plan. Perform false flag attacks, install puppet governments, conduct research, manipulate world events, use covert assets, convention weapons, WMDs, politicians, social media, secret meetings, and more to amass gold and achieve your goals all from a safe deniable distance.

Every action has a cost and moves you that much closer to the end of the world. Play your hand too openly and you risk being exposed. Become too (in)famous and you are in trouble, blame it on others and you might just get away with it.

First seen back at Gen Con 2014's First Exposure Playtest Hall (FEPH), Dark Mushroom Games is back with Illuminatus, now on Kickstarter. They've done the years of development work, the game is almost ready, but they need your help with the last hurdle to get it manufactured.

Become part of the problem. Win Conspiracy swag. Pledge your support on Kickstarter now.

Gen Con 50 Retrospective Panels

Want to learn more about Gen Con's 50-year history? Why not hear about it from the people that have lived it! Gen Con will host free-to-attend Retrospective Panels that cover the most interesting subjects in Gen Con history. Many have already sold out, so secure your tickets for the remaining panels before they too are history!

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