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Online Summer Trainings for Teachers

Looking for a flexible way to earn graduate credits or receive training over the summer? We have just the thing! This summer, Beyond Benign will be offering two online classes for high school science teachers focused on green chemistry in the classroom. Whether you're new to green chemistry or experienced and looking to expand your knowledge, our Introductory and Advanced  Green Chemistry Courses are bound to add some value to your summer break. Learn more.

"Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things."

- Theodore Levitt

This year marked a year of new beginnings for me professionally and personally. My family welcomed Cullen Anderson Duffey into the world January 2nd, which has been an incredible gift of love and joy!
While my family was growing at home, here at Beyond Benign the K-12 program has also been growing. Throughout our work we embrace both creative and innovative approaches to sustainable science. This summer we are launching a Green Chemistry Lead Teacher Program, a tremendous step forward as our organization was built on a foundation of teachers teaching teachers. We are looking forward to building upon our work with an amazing team of high school chemistry educators who have been side-by-side with us leading workshops and creating innovative, relevant, interactive curricula across the country and the globe over the past nine years.
We are also launching our second on-line course for high school teachers this summer, an Advanced Green Chemistry course that will focus on green chemistry research in the high school chemistry course and real-world examples of green chemistry based on innovations in the marketplace in support of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Green chemistry provides a real-world framework for learning, teaching and investigating chemistry concepts that align with the crosscutting concepts and practices of NGSS, allowing students to analyze problems and create solutions.
We share this pivotal moment and our ongoing success with all of you—our K-12 teachers, parents, community members and partners. We thrive on our partnerships with students and teachers who are on fire about using the tools of green chemistry to think creatively and turn that creativity into new innovations for a sustainable future. It is through our collective voice that green chemistry principles and practices will become the way chemistry is taught and learned at all levels of education. Stay in touch and keep up the amazing work!

2-Day Intro to Green Chemistry Institute
June 28-29, 2016, Wilmington, MA

Join us at the Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry for an interactive workshop experience featuring how to integrate cutting edge technology into your classroom while addressing NGSS and engaging students. This FREE 2-day training includes "What is Green Chemistry," "Green Chemistry in Industry" and "Green Chemistry Replacement Laboratory Exercises.” Learn how to integrate green chemistry practices into your classroom and lab. Learn more.

Other summer training opportunities:
June 11, 2016 - 1-Day training at ACS MARM meeting in New York City, open to New York teachers. More info.
August 18, 2016 - 1-Day training at Steelcase headquarters in Grand Rapids, MI. Contact us.

Sharklet in the Classroom: High Tech High

Lesley Anderson, a chemistry teacher turned environmental science teacher from High Tech High in San Diego, CA, participated in a Beyond Benign teacher workshop at the USA SciFest last month. With her free sample of Sharklet from the workshop, she fit Sharklet into her class's biomimicry and engineering design project, while adapting the lesson for her class's limited resources. Her students even designed their own contraptions to use in place of ring stands! Thank you Lesley for letting us share your great work! See Lesley's adapted lesson.

Thank you fellows!

This month marks the completion of another successful year with our college outreach fellows! With students from Salem State University, Northeastern University, University of New England, Colby College, and Gordon College, Beyond Benign has been able to reach thousands of community members at events all over the northeast, including the Maine Science Festival, the Cambridge Science Festival, the USA Science and Engineering Festival and many more. We're grateful for these outstanding students and their dedication to green chemistry education. 

For more info on the fellows program, contact Mollie Enright or visit our website.

"In Water" opens June 25, 2016

Join us for the opening of our newest art exhibit at the Beyond Benign and WBI gallery on June 25th from 2-5pm. The exhibit is cosponsored by The Revolving Museum, a longstanding artist activist organization in the Boston area, led by artist Jerry Beck.

“In Water” includes works that are highly diverse in form and intention, ranging from the abstract and subjective to the political and ecological. The wide range of work expands the collective reverence, respect and awe for the role water plays in the planet’s ecosystem. Artists participating in the exhibit include Deborah Barlow (work pictured above), Kay Canavino, Rachael Eastman, Barbara Gagel, Susan Quateman and George Wingate. Contact us for more info!
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