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OK2A Meeting in Tulsa - October 24, 2019

“Fighting Red Flag Laws” - Do not miss this meeting!!!

We are all aware of the “Red Flag” mania that is creeping through this great nation, which is a strategy for gun confiscation and control of the populace. This is not about protecting children by the, “freedom thieves”, but is a conquer strategy. This legislation brings tyranny to the doorstep of law abiding citizens. When ones, “due process” of being proven guilty before the full judicial process is instituted or innocent people are killed protecting their property, then that is tyranny.

We as Oklahoman's must prevent Red Flag laws from taking hold in our state. It is up to us, OK2A patriots, to be on the front line of this battle, and it is a war for liberty, justice and the rule of law.

We are honored to have two leaders of this fight at the next Tulsa OK2A meeting, State Senator Nathan Dahm and Oklahoma State Chairman of the Republican Party David McClain. This meeting will be packed full of information on what is being done to protect YOUR freedoms. Please join us to “fight the good fight”.

Help us to help to defend your rights!!! Support OK2A and get involved! Attending this meeting is your first step in doing so!

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 is responsible for creating, modifying, and repealing over 100 gun measures in Oklahoma in the past 9 years and 17 gun bills signed into Law in the past 3 years! This is why OK2A is "The States Leading Advocate for Second Amendment Rights" in Oklahoma.

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