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How did your Oklahoma State legislator defend YOUR RIGHTS? 
Do you know who your state legislators are?

Above is their OK2A Scorecard from the last session... 2019.
This is an explanation how OK2A grades a legislator. 

The 2020 session is about to begin in a couple of weeks!
(February- May)

Your 'Situational Awareness' should be on HIGH during session, since the Socialist have filed numerous anti-gun / anti-2A / anti-Constitutional Rights bills! Their numbers have grown since last year and they have gone on the OFFENSE, this year! See graphic, above.


Involvement is the key, this year, to hold the ground we have fought to gain!

DO NOT allow Oklahoma to become anything like VIRGINIA!

VOTER APATHY is why Virginians are in the mess they are in!...

They thought they were safe, being in the home state of the NRA and the GOA. They thought the 'Organizations' would protect them, except the 'Organizations' can not vote!
Only the citizens can vote and the citizens allowed anti-gun candidates, supported by Socialist: Michael Bloomberg, Everytown and Mom's Demand Action, to waltz right into the House, the Senate and the Governorship of Virginia. The anti-2A Legislators, then, didn't waste any time stripping the voters of their Constitutional Rights! Over 20,000. voters showed up to protest at the state Capitol, which left the Legislators 'UN-PHASED' and continuing their anti-gun agenda!

You may not be very 'Political' but the real Battle is fought at the Ballot Box!

Moral of the Story... It's better to fight to keep your Rights, than it is to fight to get them back, after you have lost them.


The Fight Isn't Over, Yet! 
It's Time To Get In The Game!

If You're Not An OK2A Member, Yet...
What In The World Are You Waiting For?


Freedom Isn't Free.
If You Don't Think It Should Cost You To Preserve Your Rights, Think About What It Will Cost You, If You Lose Them.

Get involved. - Stay involved.

Attend meetings. - Stay connected. - Invite others.

 is responsible for creating, modifying, and repealing over 100 gun measures in Oklahoma in the past 9 years and 17 gun bills signed into Law in the past 3 years! This is why OK2A is "The States Leading Advocate for Second Amendment Rights" in Oklahoma.

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