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Watch The Full 10 Minute Debate On Constitutional Carry

Watch the entire 10 minute Constitutional Carry debate! 

It would appear Rep. Lowe (D) doesn't mind looking foolish on TV and demonstrating his ignorance of gun laws and the Constitution of the United States, which he took an oath to uphold, protect & defend as an elected Oklahoma legislator. But enough of that technical stuff...

First, Rep. Lowe calls anything he disagrees with a "false narrative" without providing documentation why it is false.

Second, Rep. Lowe says he's a 'believer' in the 2nd Amendment (the right to bear arms) BUT he's also a believer in the Constitution and that we have to follow the Constitution. What!?!? He must have missed the "Shall Not Be Infringed" part of the 2A of the "Constitution".

Third, Rep. Lowe, mistakenly 'believes' our state government is a democracy, not a Constitutional Republic. And he's a state legislator elected by his constituents to represent them with his vote at the state capitol!

Fourth, Rep. Lowe STILL thinks collecting 37,000.+/- signatures (that were never validated) is somehow a victory, even though they failed and lost their battle.

Fifth, Rep. Lowe says all they are asking for is for the current anti-constitutional 'infringing' law to remain in place. Yet Rep. Lowe says he 'believes' in the 2nd amendment and the Constitution in spite of the current infringement he wants to remain in place. How precious.

Sixth, (could there be anymore?) Rep. Lowe, who supports Red Flag Laws, says it's a "false narrative" (again) of the claim he and his anti-gun cronies want to take our guns, when Moms Demand Action were present at the BETO rally in Tulsa, OK.

Seventh, Rep. Lowe does not comprehend the difference from carrying a firearm (on your person) on a college campus and possessing a firearm (in your automobile) on a college campus, which further adds to his foolish emotional bloviating.

Eight, Rep. Lowe cannot make the connection that firearms must remain in the owner's vehicle on a college campus, CURRENTLY and under the Constitutional Carry Law, after Nov. 1, 2019.

Nine, Rep. Lowe cannot make the connection that alcohol consumption is prohibited by those in possession/ carrying a firearm, CURRENTLY and under the Constitutional Carry Law, after Nov. 1, 2019... and

Ten, Rep. Lowe mistakenly believes more 'sensible gun regulations' will prevent senseless mass shootings by those who won't follow and do not care about sensible gun regulations/ laws.

You would think the anti-gun crowd could afford to have a better representative and spokesperson to pitch their anti-gun agenda.

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