As the year is drawing to a close, PDD proudly presents you with feedback on what has truly been a remarkable year. We trust that you also had an exceptional year filled with work progress and success in your business. So many of our clients have echoed that this year was characterised by hectic schedules and pace of events…and now we are accelerating towards the festive season.

Jim Collins, in his book “Great by choice” reminds us that “greatness is not a result of circumstance but that of constant choice and discipline”. He shared the wonderful story of two great explorers who began their quests to become the first men to ever set foot upon the southernmost point on earth. The year was 1910.

It was the “Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration,” and the South Pole represented one of the last unexplored areas on earth. Robert Falcon Scott hoped to claim the bottom of the world for England, while Roald Amundsen wished to plant the Norwegian flag there on behalf of his countrymen.
Despite their common goal, the two adventurers’ approaches to their expeditions were quite different—as were the end results. Amundsen reached the South Pole first and returned home on a trip that was relatively smooth and straightforward. Scott arrived at the south pole 34 days later only to experience the crushing disappointment of seeing one of Amundsen’s flags flapping in the wind. He would never make it back; he and his four companions died of starvation, exhaustion, and exposure as they attempted to make the 700 mile return trip to their base camp.
Some have painted the differences between the men and their respective expeditions too simplistically: Amundsen as the brilliant leader, Scott a strong military commander focused on the task at hand.
The outcome of any endeavor is decided by the weights of a scale–on one side lies fate/risk/circumstance and factors out of personal control and on the other, preparations/strategy/commitment and hard work.  Today more than 100 years later various attempts are made to understand this remarkable story as a case study, to learn from these 2 explorers, their leadership style, how well they have planned and how they remained focused despite the toughest conditions known to man. Jim Collins believes that one of the key differences between these two groups was the fanatical discipline that Amundsen’s men displayed. They marched 20 miles every single day in good and bad weather to achieve their goal. 2012 will be remembered in South Africa as a year where the business landscape was irrevocably shaped.  The question of how do we prevail in these most difficult circumstances is possibly a question in every boardroom. The “20 mile march” becomes a powerful metaphor for business today and as the year is drawing to as close we should all consider “how do we remain focused on our own 20 mile march”.


The year again provided the opportunity for us to be involved with some longstanding but also new meaningful business relationships.
We would like to thank the following clients who have entrusted us with their most important asset-their people and teams:
Anglo Gold Ashanti • Berry and Spence
 • Civcon Construction • CSIR • Deloitte • Europcar • Engen • FNB Online • Forever Resorts • GrowthPoint • Hernic Ferro chrome • Imperial logistics • Lonmin • Kimberley Clark • Kraft foods • Kumba Iron Ore • Momentum • Namdeb (Debeers Namibia) • Public Investment Corporation (PIC) • SA Rugby -Springboks 7’s • Senwes • Sanlam Private Investments • Sanlam Investment Management • Tygerberg High School • Unisa • NMC • Abdurahman Attorneys • Sandenberg, Nel, Haggard Attorneys • DLA Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyer Inc Attorneys • A. Batchelor Attorneys • Hannes Pretorius Bock and  Isaacs  Attorneys • Kruger and Co Attorneys • Leon Frank and Partners Attorneys • Esau Shapiro Burman & Tinkler Inc Attorneys • ZYM Ndzabela Inc Attorneys • RMS • SASRIA • Murray & Roberts • SC Johnson • DCM • Eskom

PDD CAPE would like to extend a significant word of thanks to client companies who passionately partnered on a no-fee basis with us on the CSI initiatives during 2012. We wish to thank:
Nobesuthu Tom, Marketing Director, Pep
 •  Wendy Mc All, Group HR Manager, NMC • Dayleen Van Zyl, Human Resource Manager, Sanlam Investment Management • Theresa Kearley, National Transformation Manager, Virgin Active
The feedback that we have had with regard to  the impact that your presentations have had on the notion of employability for the future has been resounding – so much so that we have been invited to repartner with the University of Stellenbosch Industrial Psychology Department as well as with new partners who believe that they will benefit from our employability initiatives. We also wish to acknowledge an overwhelming response from those client companies who have indicated a willingness to assist with 2013 CSI initiatives. We look forward to working with you on this project during January and February 2013. Thank you for your generosity.

Synergy for World Class Teams

Our very own Blitsbokke are now pursuing synergy. More than 550 South African and International teams have been challenged in the last 12 years to pursue the principles of high performing teams. This unique programme provides a metaphor that allows teams to learn from nature. Animals that live in herds, prides and packs work together towards a common goal, understand their territorial challenges, focus on their strengths, have bonding rituals and learn from their mistakes. These animals achieve not only great results but often teach us wonderful lessons about the wonder of Synergy,  1+1=3  
Paul Treu (National sevens coach) recognised the value of these principles and has reproduced a picture of Synergy, an enormous poster, the largest of its kind, has been pasted on his office wall. A great reminder for any team member, player that visits his office that Synergy is there to pursue.               
Our rugby boys had been in various sessions with Niel Steinmann in preparation for the IRB sevens World series 2013.

Wellness & Psychological Services

Many companies has been forced to rethink employee value proposition, also to ensure that the long term adverse effects of economic melt down does not negatively impact human capital – and therefore production.
An increase in the wellness workshops as well as wellness days to the Presidency and other strategic clients has been a reflection of Phyllis (Kisima’s) response to market demands. Employee wellness and climate surveys have also continued to be on the increase. One of the highlights for the year is the ongoing partnership with SAFA –The South African Football Association. Phyllis has played a prominent role in the training on National Coaches of all the Premier Soccer League.

Phyllis also continues to be part of the international network of executive coaches through the Centre for Creative Leadership.

Coaching leaders 7 tools to propel change
Dr. Caren Scheepers' book is intentionally written to be a working document / coaching tool for coaches and coaches in leadership. The book  serves as a wonderful citation for coaches. It was not written to be a guidebook on how to, but rather a significant textbook that will empower the reader to design own practical techniques in reference to individual coaching situations. The 7 “Practical” Tools are creatively prearranged to provide the necessary structure around leadership competencies and I am convinced that Dr Caren’s hard earned coaching experience makes this an authentic  resource in leadership development. I was also encouraged that the she highlighted the importance of the coaching relationship throughout the book. I have found the worksheets particularly beneficial to possibly structure engagements or just answer some of these questions on this developmental journey. Coaching could often be perceived as an isolated intervention and a reactive development tool. I am convinced that this reference will provide guidelines for a coordinated coaching effort. This will ensure a more balanced faculty of future leaders… “where results and people count” I am of the opinion that this book has propelled Dr. Caren Scheepers as a thought leader in the field of leadership Coaching and I would therefore highly recommend it.  Is your toolbox filled?
Niel Steinmann - PDD

PDD Cape

PDD Cape allowed us to provide a more comprehensive consultation service to our clients with National operations based in Cape Town and environs. We know that our presence in the Western Cape have strengthened our ability to provide an even more comprehensive value added service! 
PDD Cape has actively been involved in Corporate Social Investment Initiatives on workplace employability for new entrants to the job market. This unique offering is in partnership with the University of Stellenbosch. Also in 2012 a partnership was formed with Sanlam Investment Management and Bulumko High School in Khayelithsha.       

Birgit can be contacted at the Cape Town Office: 021 873 6693 or on her mobile 082 561 3965. 
 Our US footprint is growing

Andre van Rensburg, our partner in the USA has been spreading the news about Synergy and TEAMS across the USA. He has in the last year been invited to present keynote addresses at a number of prestigious events including the Prudential National convention in Orlando Florida, the Century 21 Global conference in Las Vegas, the Realtors Land Institute National conference in Denver Colorado and the National Association of Realtors in Orlando amongst others. Many thousands of people heard the Synergy message through the concept that Together Everyone Achieves More Success. (TEAMS)

Part of Andre’s message include: “In Africa teamwork in not a choice - it is a survival strategy. African animals have only the following choices - work together or die. Imagine for a moment if a CEO calls a meeting with his executive and presents them with the same choice: "You work together or you die". It would place a completely different perspective on the priority as a team wouldn't it? Based on this, premise it is clear that we can learn from animals in their natural environment. “

Andre  has received a substantial amount of media exposure in the last few months and was recently awarded an excellence in instruction award from the prestigious Realtors Land Institute  (RLA). We wish Andre the best for 2013 as he has lined up a number of keynotes for 2013, inspiring others to pursue synergy.

Labour Law Amendments

It should be noted that during 2002, there were significant amendments to the Labour Relations Act and the Basic Conditions of Employment Act. Currently the LRA, BCEA and Employment Equity Act are under amendment and a new piece of Legislation, the Employment Services Bill has been published during October/November 2012. These amendments will bring about more changes, in the attempt to keep track with an ever changing labour environment.
The amendments to the LRA and the BCEA focuses on addressing labour broking and additional amendments are envisaged to ensure that temporary employment is limited to genuine temporary work that does not exceed six months. It also aims at regulating contract work. Various sections are therefore affected to allow for fixed term and temporary employment amendments.  READ MORE

Changing the face of PDD Innovation: Introducing Grey Q Consulting

Partnering with People’s Dynamic Development since 2005, PDD innovation consistently aspires to influence and develop people to increase overall effectiveness. 

Having done research and reflected on our brand, we have chosen to change the name to be more reflective of our services.   Having intelligence beyond any other on this planet, our “grey matter” holds the key to unlocking change.  Understanding our unique potential,    GreyQ consulting is focussed on optimizing human potential.  

Are you feeling frazzled and stressed out? Using the latest research in neurleadership we can help you to significantly reduce your stress levels and stay calm in difficult situations.
By teaching one of our client organisations the underlying principles of the brain, and providing them with the skills, we were able to reduce the management team’s stress levels from what is rated as significantly high stress to a level where it is rated as positive.  Some comments were
 “I enjoyed learning what the cause of stress is and how to deal with it.  It was very interesting to learn about the brain and how it functions.  I would definitely recommend this workshop.  It has been a real eye-opener”
“I enjoyed the group discussions. It is good to understand others which help you to understand yourself better.  I really understand myself better and the way I function.  I can better manage my stress as well as anger”
To find out more about neurolead offerings, contact Estelle Coetzer, 0827856023 Email: estelle@greyq.co.za
Leadership coaching: Medupi
 GreyQ Consulting in association with Irodo consulting provided leadership coaching for managers on the Medupi project.  Envisioned to be the largest dry-cooled coal-fired power station in the world, the enormous scale of the project presented a number of unique challenges to managers.  It was a mutual learning curve and a privilege to provide the leaders in this project with he support to face numerous challenges.
Learning’s of this project was also co presented by Estelle Coetzer and Caren Scheepers in August at the Coaching Conference held in Cape Town by Knowledge Resources. Oh, I see what coaching is...It is a way of facilitating selfdirected neuroplasticityJeffrey Schwartz  Slides of the presentation are available. The Medupi case study has since been published by Ivey Publishing as is available on-line.
“Oh, I see what coaching is.  It is a way of facilitating self-directed neuro plasticity..”

Estelle Coetzer
Thank you
We look forward to 2013, sharing more thoughts, providing innovative training solutions
and serving you, our valued customer.
Kind regards,
Everyone at PDD: Niël, Birgit, Andre, Caren  Estelle, Phyllis, Johanette & Sonja
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