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- Coaching Hazards
    by Dr. Caren Scheepers

The manner in which coaching is conducted poses a threat to talent retention. Coaching is commonly utilised in South Africa for problem employees instead of an investment in talent. Numerous companies spend their learning and development budget haphazardly on coaching without proper tracking of benefits. This in turn leaves future allocation of funds to learning and development at risk. READ MORE

- Mentorship - Raising Giant Killers
by Niel Steinmann

“There is a difference between success and significance. I think that success is when I add value to my life. Significance is when I add value to others…I think mentoring is significance…”John C Maxwell

As mentoring gains in popularity organisations need to consider carefully this powerful tool for developing employees. The traditional models of mentoring however have failed to keep up with trends in business and we have witnessed a number of mentoring initiatives and relationships that falls short of being profitable. Mentors themselves often lack the fundamentals of mentoring and should consider to be more intentional in their efforts. READ MORE

- How to conduct a fair disciplinary hearing
by Johanette Rheeder

According to the Labour Relations Act, (LRA) a dismissal is unfair if it is not effected for a fair reason and in accordance with a fair procedure. The employer bears the burden of proof to show that the reason for the dismissal is a fair reason based on the misconduct, incapacity or the employer's operational requirements, and that the dismissal was effected in accordance with a fair procedure. Fur this purpose, one must take into account any relevant code of good practice issued in terms of the LRA, specifically, schedule 8. READ MORE

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